Charles Goodman

Charles Goodman

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Asian and Asian American Studies
Coordinator of South Asia Studies

Ph.D., Philosophy, 2002, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Office: LT 1207

Areas of Study and Interest

Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy
Analytic metaphysics
Comparative ethics

Recent Courses

Introduction to Asian Philosophy
Law and Justice
Buddhist Ethics
Buddhist Metaphysics
AAAS Majors Seminar
Religion, Ethics and Law

Selected Publications

Consequences of Compassion: An Interpretation and Defense of Buddhist Ethics. Oxford University Press, 2009.

“Ethics in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism,” first published June 22, 2010, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, available at

“Vaibhāṣika Metaphoricalism,” Philosophy East and West 55:3 (July 2005) pp. 377-393.

“The Treasury of Metaphysics and the Physical World,” Philosophical Quarterly 54:216 (July 2004) pp. 389-401.

Last Updated: 8/30/16