2016 Faculty Vacancies

Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence

 No vacancies


College of Community and Public Affairs

No vacancies


Decker School of Nursing

No vacancies


Harpur College of Arts and Sciences


 Assistant Professor - Andean Archaeology


Director for First-year Science Programs


Assistant Professor - Physical Chemistry

Judaic Studies

Assistant Professor of Israel Studies


Assistant Professor - Perception/Cognitive Neuroscience


Assistant Professor of Sociology


Assistant Professor of Dance: Teacher/Choreographer

Visiting Assistant Professor in Theatre (Scenic Design)


School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assistant/Associate Professors - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assistant/Associate Professor/Assistant Dean for Assessment

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professors - Pharmacy Practice

Preceptor/Adjunct faculty


School of Management

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management


Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

BioMedical Engineering

Assistant Professor Position in Biomedical Engineering

Senior &Tenured Faculty Position in Biomedical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor - Power Electronics

Assistant Professor, VLSI / Architecture

Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Design Position

Assistant Professor, Dynamic Systems and Control Position


University Libraries

Librarian for Pharmacy and Nursing


Last Updated: 9/23/16