2015 Faculty Vacancies

Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence

Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging

Assistant, Associate or Professor

Sustainable Communities

Associate Professor

Material and Visual Worlds

Associate Professor


College of Community and Public Affairs

Department of Social Work

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Program

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Program


Decker School of Nursing

No vacancies at this time


Harpur College of Arts and Sciences


Assistant Professor, Public Archaeology

Assistant Professor, Linguistic Anthropology


Assistant Professor - Photography

Asian and Asian American Studies

Japanese Lecturer

Biological Sciences

Assistant Professor - Ecotoxicologist

Assistant Professor, Behavioral Genetics


Assistant Professor (Physical Chemistry)

Comparative Literature

Assistant/Associate Professor of Translation Studies

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Spanish


Assistant Professor - Macroeconomics

Assistant Professor - Econometrics

English, General Literature, and Rhetoric

Assistant Professor of English, Race & Ethnic Studies focus


Assistant/​Associate Professor of Geography, Asian Migration

Assistant Professor of Geography in Geotechnologies

Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

Assistant Professor, Climatology-Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Assistant Professor, Energy Geophysicist


Assistant Professor of Premodern Medicine

Judaic Studies

Assistant Professor of Israel Studies

Mathematical Sciences

Assistant Professor - Statistics - HS TAE

Assistant or Associate Professor - Combinatorics

Assistant Professor - Topology/Geometry

Medieval Studies Program

Assistant Professor (Digital Humanities)


Assistant Professor, Collaborative Piano

Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy

Assistant Professor of Physics - Computational Physics


Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology

Assistant, Associate or Professor in Alcohol Research

Assistant Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience

Romance Languages and Literature

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Sociology/Africana Studies

Assistant/Associate Professor


Assistant Professor - Theatre History/Theory

Assistant Professor, Musical Theatre


Graduate School of Education

No vacancies at this time


School of Management

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Assistant Professor of Operations and Business Analytics

Associate Professor of Strategy


University Libraries

No vacancies at this time


Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science


Associate Professor / Professor

Computer Science

6 Assistant/Associate Professors

Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor, TAE / Smart Energy position

Assistant Professor, Mechanics

Watson School Dean's Office

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Last Updated: 10/23/14