2016 Faculty Vacancies

Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence

Citizenship, rights, and cultural belonging

Associate Professor, Human Rights

Smart Energy

Director of Solar and Thin Film Energy Research Center


College of Community and Public Affairs

Social Work

Assistant Professor

Student Affairs Administration

Student Affairs Administration Chair


Decker School of Nursing

No vacancies 


Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Africana Studies

Assistant Professor

Art and Design

Assistant Professor - Printmaking

Biological Sciences

Assistant Professor, Ecology of Environmental Change


Assistant Professor - Labor Economics


Assistant Professor of Geography (Medical Geography)

Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

Assistant Professor, Climatology-Geohydrology

Mathematical Sciences

Assistant Professor - Probability

Assistant Professor - Statistics/Biostatistics


Clinic Coordinator


Assistant Professor of Dance: Teacher/Choreographer


School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assistant/Associate Professor Pharmaceutics

Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chair of Pharmacy Practice

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor Ambulatory Care

Director of Skills Education

Preceptor/Adjunct faculty


School of Management

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor of Strategy


Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor Position in Biomedical Engineering

Senior & Tenured Faculty Position in Biomedical Engineering

Computer Science

Assistant/Associate Professors - Computer Science Dept. (4 positions)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Assistant Professor, VLSI / Architecture (2 positions)

Assistant Professor, Power Electronics

Mechanical Engineering 

Assistant Professor, Dynamic Systems and Control Position

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Systems and Design Position

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department

Assistant Professor - Data Science/Big Data Analytics

Assistant Professor - Healthcare Systems Engineering

Assistant Professor - Smart Energy

Visiting Assistant Professor/Industrial & Systems Engineering


University Libraries

Cataloging Librarian


Freshman Research Immersion Program

Image & Acoustic Signals Analysis Research Educator (RE)

Last Updated: 2/10/16