General Education Assessment

Faculty Senate Policies

For the 2013-14 Academic Year and Prior

Faculty Senate legislation on assessment of General Education: "Assessment of General Education at Binghamton University: Program and Guidelines," revision approved by the Faculty Senate on May 17, 2011. (PDF)

For the 2014-15 Academic Year and After

Policy on the assessment of General Education and procedures for assessment of General Education. Revisions approved by the Faculty Senate on May 6, 2014. (PDF)

Submitting Course Portfolios

Portfolios for the Spring 2014 semester are due Wednesday, May 21, 2014. If you need additional time to complete your course portfolio, please contact Liz Abate, Assistant to the Provost/Assistant for Undergraduate Education, at or 607-777-2146.

Learning Outcomes for General Education

General Education learning outcomes (revised May 6, 2014) (PDF format)

Benchmark Reports

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Aesthetics (PDF)

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Composition (PDF)

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Critical Thinking (PDF)

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Foreign Language (PDF)

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Social Science (PDF)

Gen Ed Assessment Dashboard - Wellness (PDF)

Strengthening Campus Based Assessment (SCBA)

SUNY Critical Thinking Rubrics (PDF)

SUNY Critical Thinking Anchor Responses (PDF)

SUNY Mathematics Rubric (PDF)

SUNY Mathematics Anchor Reponses (PDF)

SUNY Writing Rubric (PDF)

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