Budget Director

Kris Gregory

Kris Gregory, budget director, joined Binghamton University in March 2000 in the office of Budget and Institutional Research. She earned an associate's degree from Broome Community College (now called SUNY Broome) and a bachelor's degree from Binghamton University. Prior to her position at the university, she held various positions in accounting in local manufacturing companies GAF, Ozalid, and Azon Corporation.

Gregory is responsible for implementing the University's budget, which includes coordinating all allocations for all funds with the representatives from the various divisions in the university. Working closely with the Budget Office at SUNY System Administration, Gregory is responsible for submitting the University's budget to SUNY, along with various other required reports and schedules.

She provides budget approval for all personal service transactions, including all changes to salaries for new and current employees. Her office maintains reports of all personnel charged to state accounts and ensures that commitments are within allocated amounts each year.

The Budget Office coordinates all budget changes during the year and monitors the status of the budget at the vice presidential level. Gregory works closely with the division representatives to resolve any issues, questions, and concerns. Her office also provides assistance to department employees with questions on their budgets.

She prepares many reports and schedules as requested and analyzes various budget issues. She currently serves on the Chargeback Committee and has been on various other committees and groups. Gregory attends meetings at SUNY System Administration on a regular basis with the Accounting, Budget, Bursars (ABB) group.

Gregory has done volunteer work at many of the blood drives sponsored by the Division of Administration, has worked at most of the University Fests and volunteered at the Empire State games both times they were held at the university.

Gregory's office is in room 605 of the Couper Administration Building (AD-605). Her phone number is 607-777-2047. E-mail: kgregory@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 10/6/16