Interested in Becoming a Faculty Master?

A Faculty Master, who is traditionally a tenured member of the faculty, leads each residential college or community on Binghamton’s campus. Masters report jointly to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Enrollment and the Director of Residential Life, and serve for a renewable term of three years.

Faculty Masters work closely with Residential Life staff in their college/community to create activities and programming that make connections between students’ living and learning experiences. How each Master accomplishes this goal varies according to that person’s vision for the college/community. However, some broad responsibilities every Faculty Master has are

  • Providing general advising to students in their residential college/community,
  • Overseeing area-based and hall-based courses and learning communities,
  • Collaborating with the college/community’s assistant director and resident directors to break down barriers between students and faculty,
  • Participating in the University’s Orientation programs for new/transfer students each summer,
  • Assisting in the summer training of resident directors, resident assistants and Discovery advisors,
  • Working with students and student leadership groups in their residential college/community,
  • Collaborating with other Faculty Masters to stimulate and support educational programs (curricular and co-curricular) for all undergraduate students at Binghamton,
  • Representing their residential college/community on various University committees, and
  • Nominating and coordinating the activities of faculty and student fellows within their residential college/community. (Each residential college/community has a group of faculty and student fellows who serve as resources for its students and take part in its programs.)

Last Updated: 8/25/15