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Essential and Critical Employee Program

Management Procedure No. 630


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As an essential employee, am I required to report to work during an officially declared State of Emergency?  Yes, as an essential employee you are required to report to work during a State of Emergency.  If you feel you cannot report to work because of a serious concern about personal safety or other extenuating circumstances, you must contact your supervisor to advise them of the situation as soon as possible.

  2. Is there a charge to leave credits if I do not report to work as an essential employee?  For full days absences related to an extraordinary situation, initially everyone is required to charge their leave accruals if they do not report.  Human Resources than petitions the Civil Service Commission to request a suspension of the attendance rules for the day and to restore the leave accrual for people that charged the day.  If the Commission rules that a restoration is appropriate, essential employees who did not report would also have the day restored.  However, if a pattern emerges which demonstrates that an essential employee is not reporting, the matter would be addressed more formally through Human Resources.
  3. What is a directed departure?  A directed departure is when an emergency takes place during the workday and the University petitions and receives approval from Albany to send employees home without charge to their leave credits.

  4. What happens if I do not report to work and there is a directed departure?  If an essential employee does not report and a directed departure took place, the employee did not report to work that day.  They would not get the benefit of a directed departure and would have to charge their leave credits.

  5. As an essential employee, do I bank time if I am required to stay during a directed departure?  No, you would not bank any time since this would be considered normal work time.

  6. What happens if I get pulled over by the police for driving during a State of Emergency?  Unfortunately, the legal status of any "essential employee / emergency responder" driving to the University during a state of emergency is solely a function of how that individual police agency views the ID card sticker.  The police would generally not prevent the employee / emergency responder from continuing his or her travel to the University unless conditions were such that they were viewed as truly hazardous to the employee.  If a problem was encountered and a ticket was issued, the employee should contact his or her supervisor to explain the situation.  The supervisor should then contact University Police who would make contact with the issuing agency to discuss the "legitimacy" of the employee's presence on the campus during the emergency.  This does not guarantee that a ticket would be waived.

  7. What happens if I get into an accident driving to or from work during a State of Emergency?  Insurance policies can vary.  Please contact your insurance provider for further information.

  8. I just received a new University card.  Where do I get a wallet sticker?  You can contact Denise Nawrocki at for a new sticker.

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Last Updated: 12/7/12