Baxter's Favorite Things  About Binghamton University
Baxter's Favorite Things About Binghamton University

Baxter's Favorite Things About Binghamton University

  1. Green Day Fridays

    We want students, faculty and staff to show their school spirit by wearing Binghamton green on Fridays. If I see you, you'll get a treat, but if you’re caught not wearing green, you might get a ticket! Check out this great Binghamton Buzz video about Green Day Fridays.
  2. Heavy metal

    The University hosts an invitational iron pour every year that attracts professional sculptors and sculpture students and faculty from universities throughout the Northeast. These artists heat the iron beyond 2,700 degrees and pour the white-hot metal into molds to create sculptures.
  3. Being green

    It’s not just our school color that’s green! Binghamton has been recognized for its sustainability efforts. Here, I’m catching a ride with Dean of Students April Thompson in an electric car, one of many used across campus.
  4. Meeting great students

    Binghamton gets some of the best and brightest kids around, like the Binghamton Scholars pictured here with my pal, University President Harvey Stenger.
  5. School Spirit

    Nothing makes me happier than joining my friends in the BU Zoo and all the other great fans who cheer on our Binghamton Bearcats!
  6. Homegrown veggies

    The Binghamton Acres farm , which was developed by one of our students (I told you they’re the best!), provided its first harvest in 2013. Vegetables grown on the farm are used in campus dining halls.
  7. Co-Rec football

    Co-Rec football was created in 1971 in our Hinman College residential community. Every weekend in the fall (rain or shine), you’ll find students from our residential colleges and communities facing each other on the field. There are six players to a team, three male and three female, and the quarterback has to be a female.
  8. Helping students succeed

    I’m really proud of students in our Educational Opportunity Program, whose graduation rates are almost twice the national average and almost identical to the graduation rate of our student body overall. This makes our EOP the highest performing program in the SUNY system.
  9. BU Dance Team

    My friends on the BU Dance Team do a great job promoting school spirit at games.
  10. Nature Preserve

    One of my favorite places on campus is the University’s Nature Preserve. Almost 190-acres, the Nature Preserve is home to hundreds of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. It’s the largest and best-used lab on campus!
  11. Collegiate professors

    In each of our six residential communities is a collegiate professor who serves as a role model, leader and advisor to students who live in that community. Collegiate professors help students connect their academic life with their life outside the classroom. Pictured is Mark Reisinger, collegiate professor of Newing College and associate professor and undergraduate program director of geography.
  12. Helping others

    Did you know Binghamton University has been recognized for seven years in a row by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for being an institution that reflects the values of exemplary community service? Way to go Bearcats!
  13. Late Nite events

    Our Campus Activities Office coordinates Late Nite Binghamton activities in the University Union on Friday and Saturday nights. Late Nite brings students together to watch movies, do crafts, play games, listen to music and more.
  14. Tailgating during Homecoming

    I love it when my friends come back to campus each fall for Homecoming! Sponsored by the Binghamton University Alumni Association, Homecoming includes lots of family fun, like tailgating.
  15. Salamanders

    Every spring, hundreds of yellow-spotted salamanders migrate across the University’s Connector Road to breed. Years ago, we built small, asphalt ramps along the side of the road to help the salamanders get over the curb. You’ll see lots of frogs using the ramps, too.
  16. Study-abroad programs

    I love to visit new places! Mostly, I travel to games in the Northeast with our sports teams, but our students go to many exciting places through Binghamton’sstudy-abroad programs.
  17. The Welcome Crew

    We have a team of staff and volunteers, the Welcome Crew, who help new and returning students move their belongings from their cars into our residential communities each fall.
  18. University Fest

    To celebrate the beginning of the new academic year, we invite students and community members to get together in the Peace Quad for our annual University Fest. We have music, rides, food and tons of fun.
  19. Jogging with the president

    If you’re on campus early enough, you’ll often see Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger running with a group of students and his golden retriever. I try to join him whenever I can, but I didn’t make it the day they took this photo!
  20. Bearcats Statue

    Don’t miss this 900-pound bronze sculpture of me in front of the Events Center! The Bearcats Statue is a great place to take a picture.
  21. Alumnus, sportswriter and broadcaster, Tony Kornheiser

    Did you know Tony Kornheiser, host of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" and former "Monday Night Football" analyst and Washington Post columnist, got his start at Binghamton? As a student, he wrote for the University’s student newspaper, Pipe Dream. He's in this photo (on the left) with Harvey Stenger, University president.
  22. The MarketPlace

    Just like Binghamton students, I’m not your average bearcat! I like trying new foods in our MarketPlace food court, which has several different eateries. Be sure to check out the "Bearcat" at Cakes and Eggs, it's an athlete-sized breakfast named after me!
  23. Solar energy use and research

    I love basking in the sun (it’s what bearcats do), but my friends on campus put the sun to good use. In our Engineering and Science Building we use solar cells that can provide as much as 20% of the building’s electrical needs on a sunny day. We also have a research center dedicated to solar energy research, the Center for Autonomous Solar Power.
  24. Our teaching greenhouse

    You can walk from the desert to the tropics in less than 5 seconds on Binghamton’s campus in the E. W. Heier Teaching Greenhouse. It has four climates — warm temperate, cool temperate, desert and tropical — and holds 6,000 exotic plants.

Congratulations, Baxter!

Did you know Baxter the Bearcat was crowned champion of SUNY Mascot Madness in 2014 and 2015?

Last Updated: 5/31/16