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General Questions


Program Requirements


Academic/Advising Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I apply to the BAP Program?
Students cannot apply to the program.  It is by invitation only at this time.

Am I a SUNY Broome student or a Binghamton student?
You are initially a SUNY Broome student living at Binghamton, so essentially you are both. Academically you will be taking your courses and receiving advising at SUNY Broome.  You will be living at Binghamton University with the ability to participate in campus life activities, but cannot attend classes at Binghamton.  Once you have fulfilled the requirements for admission to Binghamton University you will become a fully matriculated Binghamton student.

Do BAP students pay their tuition bill to Binghamton or SUNY Broome?
Your tuition and fees are paid to SUNY Broome.

What is the Binghamton Advantage program fee listed on my bill?

That is a student activity fee that is shared between SUNY Broome and Binghamton.  All students pay a student activity fee. 

Do I have to complete and submit health forms to both SUNY Broome and Binghamton?
No,  all health forms are submitted to Binghamton but you must sign the release form indicating that Binghamton University can provide the information to the SUNY Broome health services office. By signing the release, you would only have to fill out the Binghamton health forms and Binghamton would supply copies to SUNY Broome.  All information would remain confidential in both health offices as per HIPPA requirements.

Can I go to health services on either campus?

Can a BAP student enroll in the optional student health insurance plan at BU?
Unfortunately, BAP students are currently not eligible to participate in the student health insurance plan. 

Do I have to have a BU meal plan? Can I use my BU meal plan money at SUNY Broome?
If you live on campus, you are required to have a meal plan.  Students in the BAP program are automatically enrolled in the default meal plan.  If you would like to downsize your meal plan, you can do that by contacting the BU Student Accounts office.  Unfortunately, your meal plan cannot be used at SUNY Broome.  Meals must be purchased there with other funds or you can take over "to go" food (sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, sushi, etc.) that is packaged every morning and available in the Binghamton dining halls.

Why do BAP students have to live in break housing?
Break housing is housing like any other residence hall on campus except that it is open over school breaks and vacations.  This is necessary for BAP students because SUNY Broome breaks may not coincide with Binghamton breaks, and start/end dates for semesters may also vary.  These dorms are always staffed and open.

Where do I go if I have a question about the BAP program or don't know where to go for help on campus?
The Transfer Student Initiatives & Services office at BU.  That office is located in the CIW Library, Room 109.  Email or call 607-777-3868.

At SUNY Broome, contact the appropriate office directly (Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Registrar, Health Services, etc.) or Jenae Schmidt-Norris, Director of Admissions at:

Are BAP students eligible for the same services/activities at Binghamton as well as at SUNY Broome?
Yes, student services are available to anyone participating in the BAP program on both campuses, although there are a few exceptions at Binghamton.

BAP students cannot participate in Division 1 athletics, join Greek Life, hold a position in BU student government or hold officer positions in Student Association sponsored organizations at Binghamton. BAP students can participate in club* or intramural sports and can join student clubs at Binghamton, utilize Binghamton health services, the Career Development Center, etc.

Students can participate in competitive sports at SUNY Broome.  You should contact the appropriate coach for details.

*Some club sports at Binghamton may not allow BAP students to compete in games because of league regulations. Check with Campus Recreation if you are interested in a particular sport.

Can I apply for a job at SUNY Broome or at Binghamton?
If you qualify, you can apply for work study positions at SUNY Broome. You can apply for non-work study student positions on either campus if there are positions available.  At Binghamton, you would look for positions on the CDC e-recruiting website.  A password to access the site can be obtained by contacting the Transfer Student Initiatives & Services office at Binghamton.

How can I get packages mailed to me when window hours at Binghamton occur while I am at class at SUNY Broome?
Package pick up hours have been extended, so package pick up should not be a problem beginning Fall 2012.

Can my parents speak with Binghamton and/or SUNY Broome representatives about my academic records, classes, etc.?
Only if the student files a Release of Information form at the Registrar's Office in SS-105 at SUNY Broome and at the Student Records Office once you are a matriculated student at Binghamton University.  Otherwise, SUNY Broome representatives can only speak to students directly regarding their information. We cannot release information to parents without a release form on file.  We strongly urge parents to encourage their student to be proactive and speak directly to faculty and staff on both campuses when they have questions or need assistance.

Can BAP students have a car on the Binghamton campus?
Yes, but they are required to pay the student parking fee which is not included in their tuition bill.  A valid campus parking sticker must be displayed on any vehicle parked on the Binghamton campus.  Parking permits may be purchased at the Parking Services office, AD-G8.  Fee information can be found at:

Is there a parking fee at SUNY Broome?
Yes, if you do have a car you will need to pay the $50 per semester vehicle registration fee at SUNY Broome in addition to Binghamton's parking fee if you live on the Binghamton campus.

Do BAP students need a car to get to SUNY Broome and back?
No, a car is not needed.  BAP students can take any of the six daily express shuttles to SUNY Broome, or they are able to take Broome County Transit buses for free using their Binghamton ID card. Bus service is free to all students that present a valid BU student ID when boarding OCCT or BC Transit buses.

Do BAP express shuttles run when SUNY Broome has classes and Binghamton doesn't?
Yes, and if any changes are made to the schedule, BAP students would be notified in advance via email.

Do BAP express shuttles run when SUNY Broome does not have classes?
No, they do not.

Can I make use of the "Escape" and other bus services available to Binghamton students?
Yes.  These bus services provide inexpensive transportation to students going home on break; but they do charge a fee.  All students are required to pay that fee when making a reservation.

Can I smoke on SUNY Broome's campus?
No, as of January 17th, 2012, SUNY Broome is a smoke free environment/campus.

Program Requirement Questions

How many semesters must I complete at SUNY Broome before I can transfer to Binghamton University?
You must complete at least 2 major semesters (fall and spring) at SUNY Broome and have met the GPA, total credit hour and Gen Ed requirements to be admitted as a transfer to Binghamton University.  If those criteria are met, you would not have to reapply for admission.  A form would be completed and turned in at the SUNY Broome Advising office notifying SUNY Broome and Binghamton of your intent to transfer to Binghamton University after the minimum 2 major semester requirement.  If you do not meet the GPA, total credit hour and Gen Ed requirements the first year, you would attend SUNY Broome for the second year and complete the intent to transfer form in the spring of year two after meeting the required qualifications for transfer.

Can I transfer to Binghamton University after attending one semester at SUNY Broome?
 You would also have to complete the full application process and admission would not be guaranteed. This would also constitute a formal withdrawal from the BAP program and, if you are not admitted, you would have to enroll in Broome as student there and your guaranteed admission to Binghamton through the Advantage Program would no longer be available. You would also have to find housing off-campus for the following academic year.

What if I don't meet the GPA, total number of earned credits and/or Gen Ed requirements for transfer after 2 semesters?
The program was intended to be a two year program.  You can still attend SUNY Broome for another 2 semesters.  The Binghamton University requirements for the second year (semesters 3 and 4) are a 3.0 overall GPA and 60 earned credits with a minimum of 30 General Education credits.   You would not need to reapply but would need to let Binghamton know of your intent to transfer during the spring term of your second year. An Intent to Transfer form would need to be completed and submitted to the SUNY Broome Advising office notifying Binghamton University of your intent to transfer after completing your second year at SUNY Broome.

Are exceptions to the BAP program requirements ever made?
Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for special circumstances. If you don't meet the program requirements, you must meet with your advisor at SUNY Broome, who may then bring your case to the BAP Admissions Special Review Committee. The Committee will decide if you will be able to transfer to Binghamton University or if you will need to attend SUNY Broome for an additional 2 semesters.

Do I have to take all of my General Education (Gen Ed) courses at SUNY Broome in order to comply with the BAP requirements?  What if I have completed courses in high school that fulfill some of my Gen Ed requirements?
If SUNY Broome accepts Gen Ed credit from your previous school, you would not have to repeat those fulfilled Gen Ed requirements.  The program simply requires that you have earned 30 credits your first year at SUNY Broome with at least 18 of those Gen Ed credits, or 60 earned credits your second year with a minimum of 30 Gen Ed credits. It is important that the minimum number of Gen Ed requirements listed above are completed by the BAP student prior to transferring to Binghamton.

When can I register for courses at BU?  BAP students that obtain a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher their first semester at SUNY Broome qualify to advance register in the spring for fall classes at Binghamton.  If the cumulative student GPA falls below a 3.2 after completion of the spring semester at SUNY Broome, the student becomes ineligible for transfer after year one and Binghamton courses would be dropped from the students schedule.  The student would then attend SUNY Broome for a second year.

Academic/Advising Questions:

Does Binghamton University accept IB credit?
Binghamton University students may earn credit by examination for coursework completed in high school under the International Baccalaureate Program. Credit is awarded only for Higher Level exams, with exam scores of 4 or 5 receiving 4 credits and exam scores of 6 or 7 receiving 8 credits.

SUNY General Education requirements can be satisfied by completing Higher Level exams in five of the ten areas of competency. In addition, the General Education requirement for foreign language is satisfied by a score of 4-7 on either the Higher Level or Standard Level exams.

Binghamton University requires an official International Baccalaureate transcript in order to evaluate credit. Official scores may be delivered electronically through the International Baccalaureate website. International Baccalaureate courses and grades listed on a high school transcript are not acceptable for evaluation.

Students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program may receive up to 32 credits. To receive the full 32 credits, the following conditions must be met:

Diploma holders who meet these conditions receive credit for their individual exam scores plus additional liberal arts elective credit to total 32 credits.

Where can I get a tutor?
BAP students utilize tutoring services and the math lab at SUNY Broome. Tutors at SUNY Broome will have taken the course, will be familiar with the faculty member teaching the course and the textbook being used in the class. It is in the student's best interest to obtain tutoring on the campus where courses are being taken.

Do BAP students have to complete the online BU alcohol education course "Alcohol-Wise?"
BAP students are required to take this course. It is not a large time investment and we believe it is beneficial for all students.

At SUNY Broome, who is my advisor?
BAP students are all assigned to the Academic Advising Office, Student Services Building (SS)-210, phone 778-5421. Students can see any advisor in the office.

What is my major at SUNY Broome?
All BAP students are enrolled in either the Liberal Arts/Individual Studies, Computer Science or Engineering Science degree program while attending SUNY Broome. These programs provides students the greatest flexibility in taking courses and preparing for Binghamton University.

When do I make my schedule for my first semester?
An Orientation session will be scheduled for you during the summer prior to attending fall classes. Binghamton University arranges the date and schedule for Orientation sessions. Part of your orientation will take place on the Binghamton campus and part at SUNY Broome where you will be advised and registered in your courses.

When do I make my schedule for the Spring semester?
Make an appointment in SS-210, Academic Advising, in October to be advised for the Spring semester at SUNY Broome.

Can I change schools from Harpur or CCPA to one of the other colleges at BU?
The agreement is that you will transfer from SUNY Broome directly into either Harpur College, The College of Community & Public Affairs - Human Development or if you were specifically admitted to the Watson School for Computer Science or Engineering Majors. If you are interested in admission to another college at Binghamton, you will have to apply for an intra-university transfer (IUT) once you are a registered student at Binghamton University. We cannot guarantee admission to any of the other professional schools via this process. The IUT process is initiated through the undergraduate admissions office and the form can be found online at:


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