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Program FAQ

After contacting Binghamton University to reserve your space in the Binghamton Advantage Program and paying your enrollment deposit to SUNY Broome, your next steps include:

Know: Student Identification Information

Know Your B-Number

The B-Number is the primary identification number for Binghamton University students.
Your B-Number is sent to you upon receipt of your admissions application
to Binghamton. Forgot your B-Number? Log into BU BRAIN, select the "Home" tab
and click on "What's My B-Number?"

Access: Computer Accounts/Email

Binghamton University

Computer Account
Your Binghamton University Computer Account is used to access all online Binghamton University resources: BU BRAIN, online housing request form, public computers on campus, wireless campus Internet connections, online library research databases, payment of library fines or campus parking tickets, etc. You access your computer account by logging in with your User ID and password.

BMail: Email Account
If you haven't already done so, activate your Binghamton University e-mail account, referred to by students, faculty and staff as BMail. Complete the action steps that were contained in the letter mailed to you when we confirmed receipt of your enrollment deposit.

It's important to note that your BMail account is where we send all official Binghamton University information and communications.

You should check your BMail at least once daily to assure that you are up to date on campus notifications, required student account transactions, and other required, deadline-oriented actions that you are requested to complete.

Code of Conduct
You will confirm your receipt of the Code of Conduct as you log in to BU-BRAIN for the first time as a student and/or resident. You cannot access areas of BU-BRAIN Self Service without accepting the Code. If you are able to successfully use BU-BRAIN Self Service, you have completed this requirement.
At Binghamton University, the Code of Conduct is a requirement of the State of New York and SUNY where you positively affirm the University Student Code of Conduct as a condition of your enrollment (requirement effective Fall 2004). We ask you to affirm your awareness that the Rules of Student Conduct and campus policies, regulations and applicable laws govern your behavior while at Binghamton University. The Office of Student Conduct at Binghamton University is the steward of this information and this requirement. You may contact Judicial Affairs with specific questions about the policy. 

SUNY Broome

Computer Account
Every SUNY Broome student is assigned a unique campus computer account username and password, which allows access to the campus network, your campus email account, and lab computers.

This is mailed to you once you submit your deposit. In addition, your campus computer account username and password will provide access to the student web portal,

This site is your doorway to real-time student information. This is also where official SUNY Broome Information and communications are sent.

Also, use SUNY Broome's MyCollege to access course registration and schedule information, as well as academic records, financial aid and admissions information. Log in at for the campus news of the day, such as campus closings for bad weather. Find out what's going on before you leave home. You can check your grades, request your College transcripts, as well as gain access to other College services. Finally, you can customize the look of your own page to provide you with news, sports, weather, and links of your choice.

Email Account
Every registered student receives a SUNY Broome email account. A sample student SUNY Broome email address looks something like this:

Email can be accessed through MyCollege or directly via webmail at

SUNY Broome

Send: Final Transcripts and AP and IB Scores to SUNY Broome and Binghamton University


Request that an official, final transcript from your high school be mailed to SUNY Broome and Binghamton University admissions offices. If you attempted or completed any college course work while attending high school, or have AP or IB credit,  those official college transcripts and/or scores should be sent to both schools.

All official transcripts should be mailed and received prior to Orientation at:

SUNY Broome
Admissions Office
PO Box 1017
Binghamton, NY 13902

Binghamton University
Undergraduate Admissions
PO Box 6001
Binghamton, NY 13902-6001 

It is very important that SUNY Broome and Binghamton University receive your final transcripts and test scores as soon as possible. Timely receipt of transcripts and scores ensures that advisement is accurate, as well as assures no holds are placed on your student account at Binghamton University and SUNY Broome, preventing you from completing essential, future online transactions. 

Test Scores
Advanced  Placement (AP) credit: To receive proper credit for any AP courses taken, contact the College Board at 1-888-225-5427 to confirm your scores will be sent electronically to SUNY Broome and Binghamton Univerity admission offices. Test scores of 3, 4, or 5 may receive credit based on the policy established by the State University of New York.

International Baccalaureate (IB) credit: Credit is awarded only for Higher Level IB exams, with scores of 4 or 5 receiving 4 credits, and scores of 6 or 7 receiving 8 credits. IB scores are submitted to SUNY Broome and Binghamton University through the International Baccalaureate website.

Mail: Health Forms

BAP students must complete Binghamton University health forms.
*Once the release form below is completed, signed and submitted, that will allow Binghamton University to share copies of your health forms with SUNY Broome. As a result, BAP students will only have to complete one set of health forms.

Binghamton University

All required Binghamton University health forms must be completed on-line and submitted prior to Orientation. Like all Binghamton University students, you are required to complete the forms to reside on campus and to participate in campus life. We will not mail any forms to you. You must access the forms and complete them online. Please follow the instructions carefully.

  • Release Form (please print off, complete and fax to Decker Health Services at 607-777-2881)
  • Use your Binghamton PODs username and password to log into the online health forms. The link to the instructions is found in the Education section at the top of the portal home page. Link to forms:

Again, all required forms must be received by University Health Services BEFORE Orientation.
Questions when completing the forms? Visit Health Services online or call 607-777-2221.

SUNY Broome

Binghamton Advantage Program students complete Binghamton University health forms which are shared with SUNY Broome.

Secure: Student Health/Accident Insurance

Binghamton University

BAP students are eligible to sign up for the Student Accident and Sickness Plan (University health insurance). This is optional and not required for BAP students. Students that wish to enroll must pay the cost of the insurance. It is not included in BAP tuition and fees.  Specific enrollment information can be found on the BAP "FAQ" page.

SUNY Broome

Students enrolled full time pay a mandatory Student Accident Insurance Fee of $11/yr. The accident policy covers students for 12 months commencing the first day of classes for expenses incurred as a result of any accident, on or off campus. Maximum coverage is $2,500 per accident. Student must first claim to their primary insurance before collecting any benefits from the student accident insurance.

Provide: Residency Information

SUNY Broome

To qualify for the New York resident tuition fee, a student is required by law (NYS Education Law, Section 6305) to present once each academic year, a residency certificate indicating that he or she has been a legal resident of the State of New York for one year, and of a county for six months. This certificate is obtained from your home county. No other documentation will satisfy this requirement.

New York State Counties will issue certificates up to 60 calendar days prior to the start of the semester and until 30 days into the semester. Counties are permitted by law to refuse applications after the 30th day of the semester. Many counties adhere to this deadline with NO EXCEPTIONS.

NOTE: Tuition bills will include non-resident charges for students who have not submitted a valid certificate of residency to the Student Accounts Office at SUNY Broome. Non-resident charges DOUBLE the tuition portion of the bill.

For more details and to obtain the forms, go to  

Register: Orientation & Courses

Students will receive more information pertaining to orientation and registration once they have paid their deposit.

Save the date! Two-day Orientations will be held in early July. Incoming students can choose from  July 10th & 11th or July 14th & 15th. More details will be coming to you in the mail shortly!

Secure: ID Cards

Binghamton University

Binghamton University will issue an official student identification card at orientation and at the start of the semester. A student ID card is needed for access to campus housing, meal plan use in the campus dining facilities, library services, athletic event admission, bus transportation and more. Should a student lose or damage his/her student ID card, here are details on how to obtain a replacement >

SUNY Broome

SUNY Broome will issue an official student identification card the first week of classes. This provides students with campus access privileges. A student ID card is needed for access to library services, athletic event entrances, discounts with many area businesses and more. Should a student lose or damage his/her student ID card, visit the ID office for a replacement.

Sign Up: Emergency Alert Contact Information

Binghamton University

NY Alert allows you to get emergency alerts from Binghamton University via text message. You are required to either sign up or opt-out of this free program. To register go to:, and sign in with your Binghamton email address. Additional information may be found at:

SUNY Broome

Communication is critical in an emergency situation. NY Alert allows you to get emergency alerts from SUNY Broome via text message, email, phone and more. We would notify you of situations, such as weather-related campus closings/delays, lock downs, threats to campus or any other disturbance to normal activity. We urge you to sign up for this free program to stay informed. To register, go to:

Questions? Call SUNY Broome Campus Safety at 607-778-5083.

Seek: Part-time Employment

Binghamton University

Students seeking part-time, non-work study employment opportunities should check eRecruiting,, regularly for job listings. Jobs are posted daily and many are posted before the start of classes. Contact the Transfer Student Initiatives Office for your log in access information.

SUNY Broome

If you are interested in working on campus, there are numerous job positions available to you. SUNY Broome employs over 120 students through the Federal Work Study program in both on- and off-campus positions. Federal Work Study employment is based upon financial aid need and awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may work up to 20 hours per week when classes are in session or up to 37.5 hours a week during class vacations. Pay is minimum wage. For a list of available jobs, go to:

Proof of Enrollment (If Needed)

SUNY Broome

An insurance company, scholarship program, loan company or other third party may require
a student and/or family to show proof of enrollment (also called enrollment verification).
SUNY Broome's official enrollment verification may be obtained two ways. Students may go to the Registrar's Office, or students may access, complete and submit via fax or USPS mail a form requesting that proof of enrollment be sent. Proof of enrollment requests are only fulfilled once classes start.

Download: bMobi

Binghamton University

Click here for details and to download Binghamton University's mobile application, bMobi!

Last Updated: 8/7/14