Enrollment Deposit

Enrollment Deposit

Pay Your Deposit >

  • Online (preferred)
  • By Mail (complete your enrollment card provided in your acceptance envelope and mail with your payment) Be sure we receive it by the deadline.

Once you've paid:

  1. Look for a deposit confirmation letter containing how-tos for activating and accessing your official Binghamton University e-mail account (BMail).
  2. Visit and bookmark the new student site based on your entering term. These contain detailed information about must dos and must knows especially for you, Binghamton's newest undergraduate students.

3. Look for and read issues of "The BUZZ" which will soon be appearing in your(BMail) account.

About Your Deposit

Payment of a undergraduate admissions deposit is taken very seriously and indicates that you plan to enroll.

Please note that you may accept an admission offer from one school only. If you pay a deposit at more than one institution, your offer of admission may be revoked. By paying an enrollment deposit, you acknowledge and accept our offer of admission and you plan to attend Binghamton University.

Enrollment deposits are non-refundable.

Graduate Students

Note: If you are a graduate student, pay your deposit here.
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Last Updated: 6/10/15