Homecoming 2014



If you've ever wanted to reconnect with your college friends and remember the fun you had as students, this is your opportunity! Come back to Binghamton for Homecoming and relive one of the greatest times of your life! 

Planned for Friday-Sunday, Oct. 17-19, Homecoming 2014 will be a wonderful opportunity to see friends, talk about the great times you had and share what you've been up to since you last talked or met in person. In addition, you can see your favorite familiar places on campus - and in the local area - while taking in all that's new.  

All alumni and their families are welcome at Homecoming. Join us for a full weekend - or a day - of events including Tailgate '14, a men's soccer game, Black Student Union Fashion Show and Greek God. We'll have opportunities for alumni to share professional experiences with current students, including Pre-Med and Pre-Law panels, an Alumni of Color networking event and the 13th annual School of Management Mentoring & Networking Event. Homecoming 2014 will also include the EOP 45th Anniversary Luncheon, Decker School of Nursing Homecoming Simulation Elimination, and celebrations for the Classes of 1954, 1964, 2004 and 2014, Pi Lambda Phi and the Pep Band.

And, for the first time, Homecoming will have TIER Talks: Talks that Inspire, Educate and Resonate - a speaker event in which some of our most dynamic faculty, alumni and special guests will discuss Rethinking Success: Thriving in the Modern World. If you're interested in growing and transforming, this unique event will inform and inspire you. Our accomplished speakers will share how the following relate to happiness: better relationships, forgiveness, creativity, mindfulness and avoiding negative self-esteem that comes with focusing on wealth. You'll leave with "next steps" intended to radically change your perspective. A casual reception afterward will provide opportunities to meet the speakers and ask questions.

Register now for Homecoming 2014! If you want to see your friends at Homecoming, reach out through B-connected, Facebook, phone calls, e-mail or postcards - do whatever it takes! Homecoming is always more fun when you can share the joy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 607-777-2424 or alumni@binghamton.edu. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!





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