Homecoming 2014


TIER Talks:
Talks that Inspire, Educate and Resonate

Saturday, Oct. 18 from 2:15 to 3:30 p.m.
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building


The Alumni Association is proud to present TIER Talks, a speaker series that will inform and inspire you, featuring dynamic faculty, alumni and special guests. At Homecoming 2014, we launch the series with "Rethinking Success: Thriving in the Modern World."

What does success mean to you? If the game of life ended today, would you be a winner? Our accomplished speakers will share how the following relate to happiness: better relationships, forgiveness, creativity, mindfulness and avoiding negative self-esteem that comes with focusing on wealth. You'll leave with "next steps" intended to radically change your perspective. A casual reception afterward will provide opportunities to meet the speakers and ask questions. There is no cost to attend this very special event.


Kimberly Jaussi, PhD
Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Binghamton University School of Management
Fellow, Center for Leadership Studies

Matthew D. Johnson, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Binghamton University
Director, Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory

Frederic Luskin '76, PhD
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project
Author of Forgive for Good, published by Harper Collins

Christopher Morgan-Knapp, PhD
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University


Michael Finkelstein, MD
Author of 77 Questions for Skillful Living
Founder of SunRaven, a holistic healing and learning center




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