Career Development Volunteers

Binghamton University welcomes alumni volunteerism in career development programs offered through the schools and the on-campus Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development. As a Binghamton graduate, you will also find it very rewarding to engage with students by offering guidance and advice that will assist them towards their own career path. We offer a variety of ways to connect with current students which can include coming back to campus, connecting with students virtually or having students meet you near your place of work.


Recruit Binghamton students for jobs or internships:

  • Post a job or internship on hireBING
  • Attend on-campus fairs
  • Interview students on campus
  • Hold an on-campus or virtual company information session

Assist students in the their career and professional development:

  • Participate in Student Career Development Programs – (Mock interviews, resume reviews, job search, or networking, etc.)
  • Be a mentor - Offer guidance and advice to students (on a panel, in a classroom, in a one-on-one or group setting - either on campus or virtually )
  • Host an on-site visit at your company
  • Allow students to job shadow in your workplace

Because LinkedIn is such a powerful and popular career networking tool, the Alumni Association is committed to leveraging the site as a forum for alumni-to-alumni and student-to-alumni networking. We encourage you to join the Alumni Association Professional Network group, where you'll find subgroups for peer networking as well as mentoring to current students. 

Last Updated: 10/21/16