Alumni Council

The number is just amazing! We had nearly 100 closely engaged alumni and students attend Binghamton University's inaugural Alumni Council. This exceeded our expectations and we hope your time on campus was informative, productive and enjoyable.

On behalf of the Alumni Association and University, we extend our sincere thanks to you for participating in the Alumni Council. We appreciate your continued support of Binghamton, and your desire to deepen your relationship with the University. We are excited to have you as a trusted partner on the pathway toward making Binghamton the premier public university of the 21st century.

As you reflect on what you learned and whom you met during the weekend, we ask that you give some thought to how you can keep the momentum going. Commit to two new volunteer projects or activities, and reach out to two alumni and encourage them to be engaged. In particular, we ask you to think about participating in the exciting new 4-1-1 Program or share with us the names of alumni or others whom we should approach. To become more engaged and share names with us, please contact Melinda Holicky, associate director of alumni volunteer engagement at

Binghamton University is a special place because of alumni like you. Thank you again for your support of the Alumni Council.

Kind regards,
Harvey G. Stenger
Binghamton University President

Raymond G. Russolillo '80
Alumni Association President


Last Updated: 5/1/14