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Homecoming 2010
Friday-Sunday, October 8-10
Binghamton University campus

Family Fun Bowling Party
Saturday, Jan. 22 .
Midway Lanes
Vestal, N.Y.

Alumni Association Bowling Tournament
Saturday, Jan. 22
Midway Lanes
Vestal, N.Y.

Winter Madness
Saturday, Jan. 29
Events Center and West Gym


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Navigating the job search process, enduring a career transition or becoming a new hire can be challenging, especially in today's economy. To help you sort through the confusion and give direction to your professional growth, the Alumni Association and Career Development Center (CDC) have partnered to bring graduates the information, tips and advice needed to ensure success. Whether you're a recent graduate just starting your job hunt or a seasoned expert looking for ways to take your career to the next level, we're here to help. The center provides a number of services and resources to assist Binghamton University alumni with career concerns. 

We do not endorse any of the following content providers, and receive no compensation in exchange for their inclusion here.

How to Nail a Phone Interview
There has been an exponential rise in the importance of phone interviews recently, according to Gina Pogol of Today, in a crowded and sometimes volatile job market, there are sometimes 100 candidates applying for a position. As a result, companies have transformed phone interviews from simple fact checks into actual decision-making processes. In this Monster HotJobs article, Pogol advises job seekers to create a cheat sheet and take the interview seriously.

Job Search Advice for College Seniors and Recent College Grads: Job Hunting in Times of Uncertainty
College seniors and recent graduates generally experience uncertainty after removing their graduation gowns. Yes, some move on to graduate school, but others enter the equally uncertain pool of job searching. And, according to Randall S. Hansen, college seniors and recent graduates are diving into a tough economic climate. In his article, he provides tips for seniors and recent grads.

Five Quick Resume Tips
An updated, frank and well-developed resume is essential in any job search. There is a surplus of advice online and at career development centers on the correct way to form a resume. However, in this article at Job Bank USA, Henry Neils breaks things down into five helpful tips to get a resume noticed by employers. One tip is quantifying accomplishments whenever possible.

College Grads Expand Lead in Job Security
In a Wall Street Journal article, Conor Dougherty explores the increasing gap between college graduates and those with only a high school diploma or less. He uses two people, both who attended the same high school, to illustrate this point. One attended college and the other went straight to work after high school. "That decision has always shaped their economic prospects," writes Dougherty. "But never more so than during the recent recession."

Nine Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
During interviews, candidates often forget that the questions they ask their interviewers may be just as important as the way they present themselves. Some interviewers will only give you the chance to ask two or three questions. Others will ask again and again if you have any questions, so prepare more questions than you think you will need in case this happens.
How Your Refrigerator Can Help Your Job Search
Whom you know in this market is sometimes better than what you know. Creating networks is one of the best ways to find a job. In this CareerBuilder article, Alan De Back provides an innovative approach to networking. You can identify who should be in your network and start building it by using what he calls the Refrigerator Exercise.

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