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Advanced European Integration and Europeanization

In recent years, serious anthropological attention has focused on the institutions of the European Union (EU) and the wider processes of advanced European integration and Europeanization. The institutional project of European integration seeks to integrate more than 27 very different nation-states within an evolving supranational structure of 450 million citizens — a daunting challenge that we believe constitutes the defining issue for the anthropology of Europe. Our shared interests relating to integration cover:

We believe that European integration has broad anthropological significance, revealing how deeply our repertoire of analytical concepts, historical perspectives, even our ethical and moral assumptions are predicated on the nation-state as a social fact. To examine European integration, we must confront phenomena that challenge all the means and methods by which we produce anthropological knowledge. This theoretical and methodological challenge is precisely what makes the EU – as it continually reinvents itself – such an important object of study for political economy and critical anthropology.

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Last Updated: 9/4/12