Anthropology Faculty

Douglas Holmes  Douglas Holmes

   Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
                            Science 1, Room 139B



  • 2014 Fellow, Institute for the Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Binghamton University.
  • 2012- Member of the Steering Committee, Global Financial Initiative of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University.
  • 2011- Senior Fellow, Meridian 180: Transforming the Transpacific Dialogue, Cornell University Law School.
  • 2009- Member, Tobin Project: Transformative Research in the Social Sciences, Working Group on Financial Regulation. Cambridge, MA.


Fields of Study

  • Central Banks: The European Central Bank, the Bundesbank, the Swedish Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and the Bank of England.
  • Anthropology of Finance: The Interplay among Data, Information, and Intelligence
in the Formulation and Communication of Monetary Policy.
  • Anthropological Linguistics: The Operation of Markets as a Function of Language.
  • Political Anthropology: The Constitution of Extreme-Right Wing Political Movements in Europe.
  • Experimental Ethnography: The Role of Research Modalities within Cultures of Expertise


Selected Publications

  • 2016a. “Public Currency: Anthropological Labor in Central Banks.” Journal of Cultural Economy. Special Issue: “Pragmatics of Money,” 9(1): 5-26.
  • 2016b. “Fascism 2,” Guest Editorial, Anthropology Today, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.  32(2): 1-3.
  • 2014a. Economy of Words: Communicative Imperatives in Central Banks. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • 2014b. "Communicative Imperatives in Central Banks," Cornell International Law Journal. 47 (1): 15-61.
  • 2014c. "How the Fed Learned to Talk: Communication is Now a Tool of Economic Policy," Sunday/Review: Opinion, New York Times, February 2.
  • 2012. (with George E. Marcus) "Collaborative Imperatives: A Manifesto, of sorts, for the Re-imagination of the Classic Scene of Fieldwork Encounter." In Collaborators Collaborating: Counterparts in Anthropological Knowledge and International Research Relations. Monica Konrad (Ed.), pp. 126-43. Oxford: Berghahn.
  • 2009a. "Economy of Words," Cultural Anthropology. 24(3): 381-419.
  • 2009b. "Experimental Identities (After Maastricht)," In European Identity. Peter Katzenstein and Jeffery Checkel (eds.), pp. 52-80, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2008 (with George E. Marcus). "Collaboration Today and the Re-Imagination of the Classic Scene of Fieldwork Encounter," Collaborative Anthropologies 1:136-70.
  • 2006 (with George E. Marcus) "Fast Capitalism: Para-Ethnography and the Rise of the Symbolic Analyst," In Frontiers of Capital. Melissa S. Fisher and Greg Downey (eds.), pp. 33-56. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • 2005 (with George E. Marcus) "Cultures of Expertise and the Management of Globalization: Toward the Re-functioning of Ethnography." In Global Assemblages: Technology, Politics, and Ethics as Anthropological Problems, eds. Aihwa Ong and Stephen J. Collier, pp. 235-52. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • 2000. Integral Europe: Fast-Capitalism, Multiculturalism, Neofascism. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
  • 1989. Cultural Disenchantments: Worker Peasantries in Northeast Italy. Princeton: Princeton University Press.


  • Ph.D. Department of Anthropological Sciences, State University of New York, Stony Brook.
  • BA. Bennington College.

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