Anthropology Faculty

Namita Sugandhi  Namita Sugandhi

   Adjunct Lecturer for Spring 2014
   PhD, University of Chicago, 2008
   Science 1, Rm. 109A

Select Publications

2013      "Conquests of Dharma: Network Models and the Study of Ancient Polities." In Territoriality in Archaeology. Eds. James F. Osborne and N. Parker VanValkenburgh.  Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 22(1): 145-163.

2012      "Historical Archaeology of Asia." In Oxford Companion to Archaeology, 2nd edition. Ed. Neil Asher Silberman. Oxford University Press: New York.

2011      "Archaeology of Hinduism." Co-author with Kathleen Morrison. In Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. Ed. Timothy Insoll. Oxford University Press: New York

2011    "Researching a Living Site: Articulating the Intersection of Collaboration and Heritage in a Transnational Village." With Teresa Raczek, Lalit Pandey and Prabodh Shirvalkar. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 26(2): 119-135.

2010      "In the Heart of the Village: Exploring Archaeological Remains in Chatrikhera Village, Rajasthan, India." With Teresa Raczek. Expedition Vol. 52 (1): 22-30.

2010      "Chatrikhera Research Project." With Teresa Raczek, Prabodh Shirvalkar and Lalit Pandey. Antiquity 84(325). Project Gallery.

2008      "Networks of intention in a peripheral landscape." Antiquity 82(317). Project Gallery.

2003      "Context, Content and Composition: Questions of Intended Meaning and the Asokan Edicts." Asian Perspectives 42(2): 224-246.


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