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Ruth Van Dyke  Ruth Van Dyke

   Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, University of Arizona, 1998
   Science 1, Room 220

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Research interests

Ruth Van Dyke is an archaeologist specializing in the North American Southwest, specifically Chaco Canyon and the Four Corners region. Her research interests include landscape, architecture, power, memory, phenomenology and visual representation. She currently is working on social, visual and political relationships among Chacoan outlier communities in northwest New Mexico.  In addition her new historical archaeology project investigates Alsatian immigration to 19th century Texas.

Selected Publications

2015  Practicing Materiality, edited by Ruth M. Van Dyke.  University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

2015   Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology, edited by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Reinhard Berneck.  University Press of Colorado, Boulder.  DOI:

2015   The Chaco Additions Survey: An Archaeological Survey of the Additions to Chaco Culture National Historic Park, edited by Robert Powers and Ruth M. Van Dyke.  Reports of the Chaco Center No. 14, National Park Service, Santa Fe. Electronic publication, Chaco Research Archive:

2013    Imagined Narratives:  Sensuous Lives in Ancient Chaco.  In Making Senses of the Past:  Toward a Sensory Archaeology, edited by Jo Day, pp. 390-408.  Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

2013    Ritual, Timelessness, and Experience in the Pueblo World.  In Big Histories, Human Lives: Tackling Problems of Scale in Archaeology, edited by John Robb and Timothy Pauketat, pp. 193-206.  School of Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe.

2012    Pueblo I Settlement in the Chaco Basin, by Thomas C. Windes and Ruth M. Van Dyke.  In Crucible of Pueblos:  The Early Pueblo Period in the Northern Southwest, edited by Richard Wilshusen, Gregson Schachner, and James Allison, pp. 72-100.  Cotsen Institute Press, University of California, Los Angeles.

2011    Ideology and Social Memory.  In Ideologies in Archaeology, edited by Reinhard Bernbeck and Randall H. McGuire, pp. 233-253.  University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

2010    Connecting Worlds:  Pueblo III Towers in the Northern San Juan, by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Anthony G. King.  Kiva 75(3):349-372.

2009    Chaco Reloaded: Discursive Social Memory on the Post-Chacoan Landscape. Journal of Social Archaeology 9(2):220-248.

2008    Temporal Scale and Qualitative Social Transformation at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 18(1):70-78.

2007    The Chaco Experience: Landscape and Ideology at the Center Place. School of Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe.

2006    Chaco's Beginnings, by Richard H. Wilshusen and Ruth M. Van Dyke. In The Archaeology of Chaco Canyon: An Eleventh-Century Pueblo Regional Center, edited by Stephen H. Lekson, pp. 211-259. School of American Research Press, Santa Fe.

2004    Chaco's Sacred Geography. In In Search of Chaco Canyon: New Approaches to an Archaeological Enigma, edited by David Grant Noble, pp. 78-85. School of American Research Press, Santa Fe.

2004    Memory, Meaning, and Masonry: The Late Bonito Chacoan Landscape. American Antiquity 69(3):413-431.

2003    Archaeologies of Memory, edited by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Susan E. Alcock. Blackwell Publishers, Oxford and Malden, Mass.

2000    Chacoan Ritual Landscapes: The View from the Red Mesa Valley. In Great House Communities across the Chacoan Landscape, edited by John Kantner and Nancy Mahoney, pages 91-100. Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona 65, University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

1999    The Chaco Connection: Evaluating Bonito Style Architecture in Outlier Communities. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 18(4):471-506.

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