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Susan Pollock  Susan Pollock

   Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, University of Michigan, 1983
   Currently on an extended leave of absence  

Research interests

Susan Pollock is a Near Eastern archaeologist with interests in political economy and feminist approaches to the study of prehistoric and early historic societies. Her current research interests center around four primary themes. (1) pursuit of a long-standing engagement with the political dimensions of archaeological knowledge production. This includes critical assessments of the political economy of archaeological practice, especially in Western Asia, as well as studies of the depiction of archaeological work and interpretations in the news media. (2) A strong interest in studies of commensality, that is, the social dimensions of food consumption and preparation. Rather than a focus on feasting, this work contributes to understandings of the place of an essential domain of practices related to food within the larger domain of social life, ranging from the micro- to the macroscale. (3) In a variety of studies, pursuit of the question of how past subjects are created, through the engagement of people with the material world and with each other. (4) A longstanding commitment to the integration of feminist approaches into archaeology.

In the last couple of years, fieldwork has taken her to the Kopet Dag piedmont of southern Turkmenistan, for excavations at the Late Neolithic to early Aeneolithic (Chalcolithic) site of Monjukli Depe. She has previously conducted fieldwork projects in Iran, Turkey and Iraq.

With Reinhard Bernbeck, she has started an archaeological excavation in the middle of Germany's capital of Berlin. Tempelhof Airport, famous for the Berlin Airlift of the years 1948-1949, has a much darker side in its history: it was the locus of forced labor camps under the Nazis. They are excavating the remains of a 1920's airport building used for military purposes in WW II, and a forced labor camp run by the Deutsche Lufthansa.


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Other research affiliations

Professor in the Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Freie Universität Berlin.

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