Anthropology Faculty

Thomas Wilson  Thomas Wilson

   Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, City University of New York, 1985
   Sociocultural anthropologist
   Science 1, Room 204

Research interests

Thomas Wilson's research interests include concentration in national identity and nationalism, international borders and frontiers, ethnicity and ethnic conflict, politics of Europeanization, European integration and supranationalism, and consumer culture. He has conducted extensive field research in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Hungary.


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2006 Thomas M. Wilson and Hastings Donnan (eds) Culture and power at the edges of the state: National support and subversion in European border regions. Munich: LIT Verlag.

2005 Thomas M. Wilson (ed) Drinking Cultures: Alcohol and Identity. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

2003 James Anderson, Liam O'Dowd and Thomas M. Wilson (eds) Culture and Cooperation in Europe's Borderlands. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi.

2003 Hastings Donnan and Thomas M. Wilson 'Territoriality, Anthropology, and the Interstitial: Subversion and Support in European Borderlands'. Focaal, European Journal of Anthropology 41: 9-20.

2003 James Anderson, Liam O'Dowd and Thomas M. Wilson (eds) New Borders for a Changing Europe. London: Frank Cass.

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