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FY2012-13 The Foundation's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.


Scholarships, fellowships, faculty and academic programs need continued support to maintain the margin of excellence that distinguishes Binghamton as one of the nation’s top-ranked public universities. Creating an endowment preserves capital, overcomes inflation and provides long-term, reliable income to the University. A gift designated as an endowment is invested by the Binghamton University Foundation, and a portion of the earnings is then used to fund the scholarship or program for which it is designated. An endowment continues to grow over time, supporting the scholarship or program for as long as the University exists. Support for scholarships, study abroad, laboratory and multimedia equipment, and athletic grants-in-aid helps to open the doors of discovery for thousands of deserving students.

Investment Objective

The investment objective for the endowment, special purpose and operating funds is to provide current income to support the programs of the Foundation and the University and to achieve growth of principal and income over time that will preserve or increase the purchasing power of the fund. Return on investments: 11.47%

Asset Classes in Portfolio by Percentage

Fixed Income
Public Equities
Hedge Funds
Private Capital


Under the direction of the Investment Committee of the Foundation’s board of directors, the portfolio has been rebalanced to be well positioned for continued future growth.

Statement of Investment Philosophy

Contributions to the Binghamton University Foundation are given to support and strengthen the academic mission of the University and its service to students. Providing immediate income to fulfill each donor’s intentions, preserving capital and investing for long-term growth are the guiding principles for investment.

Statement of Investment Philosophy cont.

Therefore, funds will be invested to maximize Foundation income, under the proviso that the investments are sufficiently diversified to ensure long-term growth of principal in restricted endowed and special purpose funds. To achieve these objectives and ensure the proper level of diversification, the funds will be allocated among a number of asset classes. The majority of the Foundation’s portfolio was managed by Goldman Sachs and JP morgan Chase during FY2012-13.

Spending Plan

The endowment’s spending plan protects and enhances the long- term growth of endowed funds. Using the investment earnings from each account, a pre-determined percentage (as approved by the Foundation Board of Directors) is designated as expendable, while earnings in excess of this fixed rate are returned to the principal of the fund. The spending plan achieves a balance between providing support for the University’s current programs while supporting the perpetual nature of the endowment.

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