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BU Department of Art and Design
Drawing Program

Drawing at Binghamton University is a working and thinking process that encompasses a series of open-ended interrelated problems dealing with seeing, visual language, vocabulary, organization and the necessary technical skills to produce such images. Intensifying perception and the comprehension of form, space, line, volume, texture, structure, movement, and composition are concepts continually emphasized throughout the various levels of the concentration. These concepts are practiced through the instruction and use of various drawing materials and processes as means of understanding and expression in relation to aspects of still life, landscape, and the human form. The final level, Special Studio Projects, encourages the student to develop his/her own personal direction and investigate that focus with the support of both individual and group critiques.

Course Descriptions

Drawing I – ARTS 171
Introduction to practice of drawing for serious students. The course explores a series of open-ended interrelated exercises and assignments that promote the intensifying of perception and the development of visual language and technical skills. Instruction in the use of various drawing materials and processes as means of personal investigation. Art supplies will be suggested by the instructor in the course outline for the semester and on a project by project basis; no textbooks are required. THIS COURSE IS APPROPRIATE FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS.

Professor Davis
Professor Dugan
Professor Niles
Professor Thomson

3-Dimensional Design I – ARTS 221
Concerned with visual problem solving of functional and aesthetic problems. Consists of a series of assignments through out in drawing form, with the solutions then built in three dimensions, in simple materials--paper, wood, etc. Prerequisites: Drawing I.
Professor Thomson

Drawing II – ARTS 371
This is an advanced drawing class for the serious studio student artist who comes to it with prior experience. It is designed to further develop his/her existing drawing skills, while continuing to introduce and explore a variety of tools and mediums. Emphasis will be placed on the further growth of all aesthetic qualities as they relate to a more complicated visual means of expression. PREREQUISITES: ARTS 171, ARTS 271, and/or permission of instructor.
Professor Niles

Life Drawing – ARTS 372
Life Drawing studio course addresses the formal aspects of the human figure through drawing from direct observation. Applying the actual size and large format drawings students render proportion, balance, form and mass of the figure. Emphasis is given to the persuasive rendering and experimentation with the drawing media. Drawing skills developed in previous classes are further refined by using a variety of drawing media. Prerequisite: ARTS 171-Drawing I
Professor Kovacevic

Independent Study: Drawing – ARTS 397
Independent reading and research on selected topic in consultation with major adviser. For majors, but may not count among required courses of major program (except, in special circumstances, by written consent of major adviser). Format may vary by sections: Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Professor Davis/Professor Dugan/Professor Niles/Professor Thomson

Special Studio Projects: Drawing – ARTS487
For art majors and advanced students who wish to extend work in drawing. Prerequisites: completion of three required departmental beginning courses, and introductory and intermediate courses in drawing; consent of instructor.
Professor Niles/Professor Thomson

Studio Internships – ARTS 495
Provides credit-bearing work experience related to student's current studio work and future professional goals. Students work with campus or outside sponsoring agencies; projects may take the form of advertising, poster or graphics design, illustration and design for publications, or any type of studio-related work that complements the student's academic and career interests (can be repeated). Prerequisite: Advanced standing and consent of instructor.
Professor Davis/Professor Dugan/Professor Niles/Professor Thomson


Alexandra Davis
George Dugan
Blazo Kovacevic
Kathryn Niles
John Thomson


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