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For Luz-April Pulgarin, spending the summer on campus as an orientation adviser proved to be a rewarding experience. “It was amazing,” she says. “It was one of the best summers I’ve had.”
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BU Department of Art and Design
Painting Program

Course Descriptions

Painting I – ARTS 240
Starts with the basic principles of oil painting, through a series of projects that covers traditional technical information. The subjects are chosen to cover a broad spectrum of experiences for the beginning student. Learning to see, working from observation and discovering composition, proportion and space are practiced. Historical and contemporary models are examined regularly. The use of color to create form is explored. Demonstrations provided when necessary. For majors and non-majors. Format: Materials discussed and a list of supplies available on the first day of class; group and individual critiques given weekly Notes: THIS COURSE IS APPROPRIATE FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS.
Professor Bohary
Professor Davis
Professor Mijatovic

Painting II – ARTS 340
Structured for the more experienced painting student, who is encouraged to be experimental and search for more personal expression through painting. Format: Problems in painting; various painting media, including some examination of historical examples and techniques; attendance mandatory Prerequisite: ARTS 240
Professor Bohary

Mixed Media – ARTS 373
Examination of technical means as a method for investigating descriptive and formal visual questions. Variety of techniques including pastel, watercolor or acrylic, conte and traditional drawing materials. Prerequisites: Arts 171, 372.
Professor Davis

Independent Study: Painting – ARTS 397
Independent reading and research on selected topic in consultation with major adviser. For majors, but may not count among required courses of major program (except, in special circumstances, by written consent of major adviser). Format may vary by sections: Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Professor Bohary

Advanced Painting – ARTS 440
Starting with a series of studies from the model. Working up to a large multi-figure composition, using the various techniques of observation, imagination and accident. The goal is for the student to experience making a large format figure composition of their own invention. For the advanced student able to work independently. Format: Weekly seminar and critiques of works in progress. Prerequisite: ARTS 171, 240, 340.
Professor Bohary

Special Studio Projects Painting – ARTS 484
For art majors and advanced students who wish to extend work in painting. Prerequisites: completion of three required departmental beginning courses, and introductory and intermediate courses in painting; consent of instructor.
Professor Bohary

Studio Internships – ARTS 495
Provides credit-bearing work experience related to student's current studio work and future professional goals. Students work with campus or outside sponsoring agencies; projects may take the form of advertising, poster or graphics design, illustration and design for publications, or any type of studio-related work that complements the student's academic and career interests (can be repeated). Prerequisite: Advanced standing and consent of instructor.
Professor Bohary


James Bohary
Alexandra Davis
George Dugan
Natalija Mijatovic

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