Laundry Services


The washer and dryer facilities on campus are provided and serviced by CSC Service Works. Each resident hall has its own laundry facility  located either in the basement or on the first floor. Laundry rooms are also located in each building of the Hillside and Susquehanna communities. These laundry facilities provide a safe and convenient location for students to wash and dry their clothing.

washer imageTo report any problems with either a washer or a dryer, go to the online reporting system and enter the machine number located on the front of the machine to identify the type of machine and its on-campus location, then explain the problem.

Online Reporting System

In the CIW, Hinman, Mountainview, Newing and Susquehanna communities, an online laundry program has been installed called eSuds. eSuds allows residents to check washer and dryer availability via the Internet. The process is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Locate Binghamton University, then select the community
  3. Select the Residence Hall

Washer Procedures:

Full load only, less than full loads cause the spin cycle to not work properly.
If clothes get stuck in the washer, unplug, wait two (2) minutes, and door safety lock will release.
Use 2 tablespoons only of either liquid or powder detergent. The washers here at the University are highly effective water-conserving machines, so very little detergent is needed to produce a clean load of laundry.

Do not wash:
    Shoes, sneakers or boots
    Comforters, pillows or blankets
As always, be courteous, get your laundry on time and be sure to take only your laundry.

Last Updated: 11/3/16