Connect. Faculty/Staff Info.

Faculty and staff members of academic departments will find that B-Engaged can be used to:

  • Promote your department's events
  • Host an application process for awards or positions 
  • Assign outcomes for workshops
  • Track students' learning progress
  • Track students' volunteer hours

You can also use this site to create lists of awardees or Capstone project participants, and this information will be included on a student's Involvement Transcript.

B-Engaged provides additional benefits for faculty and staff. Please contact us at to learn more.

We're Here to Help

The following tutorials were created to help you navigate B-Engaged and explore how you can create and make the best use of the site for your group. These topics should answer most of your questions, but we encourage you to contact us at if you need further clarification or would like to provide comments.

  • How to Create an Event (mp4ipad 5.7mb; docx, 18kb)
  • Tracking Attendance (mp4; docx)
  • Approving or Denying Form Submissions (mp4; docx)

 Tell Us About Your Success Stories

If you'd like to share a success story on how B-Engaged has helped you or your students market their skills, we would like to hear about it! Contact us at


Last Updated: 6/19/14