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For Parents

About the Project

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Infant and Child Studies Project at Binghamton University! The Project was established in 1998 to further our understanding of the minds of babies and young children. Our studies focus on questions such as:

What do 3-month-old babies remember? How long do their memories last?
Can a 6-month-old infant form expectations? For instance, can he or she learn
   to expect thunder when there is lightning?
Do toddlers understand what they see on television?
How well can a young child recognize the faces of people?

If you are a skeptical parent, you may be wondering how we even begin to answer such questions. After all, babies at 6 months don't talk and anyone who spends time with very young children knows that it can be very difficult to tell what they are thinking.

Nevertheless, over the years, we and colleagues across the country have developed simple methods of observation to help answer these questions. You can read about how we do this in some of the studies that are currently in progress. We have learned much about what young children are capable of understanding, all thanks to the participation of thousands of parents, babies, and kids all across the Southern Tier of New York and nearby regions of Pennsylvania.

There is still much to be learned and we need your help. We are inviting parents (or expecting parents) with babies and kids up to 8.5 years of age to join us in some of our studies. For parents who work full-time, we offer night and weekend appointments. If you are interested, simply contact us with the date of birth (or the expected due date) of your child or children.

We welcome any comments, questions, and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Peter Gerhardstein
Project Director
Infant and Child Studies Project

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Last Updated: 10/9/10