About the initiative


Through collaborative efforts across Binghamton University's divisions, the Healthy Campus Initiative strives to cultivate a culture that is supportive of individuals and groups in pursuit of their optimal potential. 


  • To generate an identity for the initiative that creates an awareness of the abundance of healthier living options available to the University community
  • To showcase Binghamton University as a healthy campus by highlighting unique resources and celebrating institutional and personal achievements.
  • To effectively change the culture and environment of the campus in a way that supports the pursuit of the constituents' optimal potential and improves their overall health status.

2014-15 Goals

Healthy Campus Steering Committee

  • Successfully begin Partnership for a Healthier America-Healthy Campus Initiative
    1. Contract/MOU, selection of 23 guidelines
    2. Implementation plans for guidelines needed
    3. Documentation of guidelines completed
  • Based on NCHA survey results, develop a Binghamton University Health Report Card
  • Continue to introduce HC brand throughout campus, including social media presence
  • Increase academic connections to B-Healthy
  • Establish additional sub-committee groups & depth of participation
  • Plans for evaluation of impact of B-Healthy related programming (i.e. participation, behaviors, etc.)
  • Present an End of the Year Report to campus.

Evaluation & Assessment Sub-Committee

The Evaluation & Assessment sub-Committee supports the Healthy Campus Initiative by reviewing existing campus data as part of an ongoing needs assessment, helping to prioritize programming efforts and resources and helping in the planning and implementation of new assessment tools. Goals for the year include:

  • Coordinating the 2015 NCHA Assessment
  • Continue to mine existing data for elements related to B-Healthy Initiatives

Faculty/Staff Sub-Committee

The Faculty/Staff Sub-Committee supports the Healthy Campus Initiative by working to increase the participation of faculty/staff members in healthy campus programming, investigating ways to improve employee health and wellness and encouraging faculty/staff members to incorporate the Healthy Campus mission into their daily student encounters.

  • Submit application & be certified as an AHA "Fit Friendly" worksite.
  • Create preventative health/wellness health insurance resource matrix
  • Explore opportunities to increase faculty/staff participation in health/wellness activities
  • Develop pathways to introduce new faculty/staff to Healthy Campus Initiative
  • Expand Healthy Campus Agent reach/participation

Marketing Sub-Committee

The Marketing Sub-Committee supports the Healthy Campus Initiative by communicating its endeavors and campus-wide health programming through use of the website, print materials and social media. Goals for the year include:

  • Continue bi-weekly Bing Pings advertisement campaign
  • Place B-Healthy logo on department websites of partner organizations
  • Update current webpage and continue building content
  • Design mile markers for walking trails on campus (brain and extended loop) & in resident buildings
  • Collect and design materials to be used for the Healthy Campus Agent program
  • Develop a marketing plan for the implementation of the NCHA (National Collegiate Health Assessment)
  • Prepare marketing plan for the spring Health Fair
  • Create student assistant position (paid or internship) to assist with marketing/graphics work

Programming Sub-Committee

The Programming Sub-Committee supports the Healthy Campus Initiative's mission through the empowerment of all members of the campus community to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Goals for the year include:

  • Develop criteria for Healthy Campus Initiative program/initiative/event designation.
  • Develop measurable objectives that campus members could utilize when creating health and wellness programs/events/initiatives.
  • Define/describe examples of Healthy Campus Initiative designated program/events/initiatives.
  • Identify accurate and factual resources for program development.
  • Support programming that addresses all aspects of health and wellness (cultural, social, physical, spiritual, mental/emotional, vocational/occupational and environmental.
  • Identify programs/events/initiatives that are Healthy Campus designated.
  • Encourage and support the use of the Healthy Campus logo on appropriate events.

Tobacco Free Initiatives Sub-Committee

The Tobacco Free Initiatives Sub-Committee supports the Healthy Campus Initiative by focusing on establishing resources to support tobacco cessation and methodologies for the potential transition to a tobacco-free campus. This group works in tandem with the Interdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Program's (ITURP) Tobacco Policy Sub-Committee. Goals for the year include:

  • Completing conduct of the focus groups regarding a "healthy campus", specifically targeting faculty and staff
  • Analyze data and present findings of focus groups to Binghamton University administrators and at international, national, and regional conferences
  • Utilize the results to design and implement campus wide activities
  • Continue the development of a tobacco cessation clinic on campus, testing of perinatal survey and videos, and sustain active involvement of students in projects.
  • Pursue new avenues for funding of the above initiatives.

Mental Health Sub-Committee

The Mental Health Sub-Committee is an interdisciplinary team that promotes emotional and mental wellness, including suicide prevention. This group will assess current aspects of mental health on campus, implement a strategic plan that will positively influence emotional well-being, and serve in an advisory role to the campus community relative to mental health. The first initiative of the sub-committee will be membership into the Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program, a public health model which supports a strategic plan for mental health and wellness promotion, substance abuse and suicide prevention. Goals for year include:

  • Apply for membership into the Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program (including attendance of a mandated, introductory, online workshop)
  • Prepare and begin the pre-assessment for the Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program.
  • Review the recommendations of the Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program and set goals for the next academic year in order to be eligible for Jed Foundation certification in one year.
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas around the Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program initiative for the Binghamton campus community.
  • Consider a timeline and feasibility for the Garrett Lee Smith Grant proposal for suicide prevention programming to aid in initiatives and goals from the committee.

Nutrition Sub-Committee

The Nutrition Sub-Committee upholds the Healthy Campus Initiative's mission by working to create positive and engaging dining environments on campus that make selecting and attaining healthier food options easier for patrons. Goals for the year include:

  • Work with Dining Services to develop a plan to introduce the Healthy Campus Initiative concepts into dining centers.
  • Evaluate and determine methods to implement the B-Healthy logo in dining centers.
  • Begin to implement use of B-Healthy logo in conjunction with Partnership for a Healthier America year one goals.
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to introduce a peer nutrition education program into dining centers. Program to include educational tabling sessions, healthy food/drink sampling, dining hall tours and healthy eating conversation starters.
  • Seek Healthy Campus Agent enrollment from staff members within each dining center.

2013-14 Goals

  1. Solidify the committee infrastructure
  2. Brand the initiative visually and develop a website
  3. Review current campus data to help prioritize needs and analyze gaps in services
  4. Prepare for the implementation of the NCHA in fall 2014
  5. Inventory University resources/programs related to initiative
  6. Set goals for next 2-3 year window

Last Updated: 6/8/16