About the initiative


Through collaborative efforts across Binghamton University's divisions, the Healthy Campus Initiative strives to cultivate a culture that is supportive of individuals and groups in pursuit of their optimal potential.


  • To generate an identity for the initiative that creates an awareness of the abundance of healthier living options available to the University community
  • To showcase Binghamton University as a healthy campus by highlighting unique resources and celebrating institutional and personal achievements.
  • To effectively change the culture and environment of the campus in a way that supports the pursuit of the constituents' optimal potential and improves their overall health status.

2013-14 Goals

  1. Solidify the committee infrastructure
  2. Brand the initiative visually and develop a website
  3. Review current campus data to help prioritize needs and analyze gaps in services
  4. Prepare for the implementation of the NCHA in fall 2014
  5. Inventory University resources/programs related to initiative
  6. Set goals for next 2-3 year window

Last Updated: 2/20/14