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8 Reasons Why Binghamton Is One of the 25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S.

Binghamton University proves that the college lifestyle is not all about binge eating junk food and watching Netflix in bed all day. Health and wellness have become a top priority since the campus launched its B-Healthy initiative in 2013. Greatist.com recently named Binghamton one of the Top 25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S. Here are eight reasons why!

Binghamton named to Greatist's list of the 25 Healthiest Colleges

Binghamton University is among the nation's top 25 healthiest college campuses according to Greatist, an organization whose mission is to "help the world think of health in a healthier way" by publishing "award-winning, crazy-sharable articles" about being healthy, happy and empowered.

When putting together its list of the healthiest colleges, Greatist looked for schools that go above and beyond to create an environment where students have access to an array of healthy food, top-notch fitness facilities, and robust medical and mental health services. Read the full story in Inside


Healthy Campus Initiative named 2015 Outstanding Student Affairs Program

B-Healthy was named a 2015 Outstanding Student Affairs Program in the category of Student Health, Wellness, Counseling and related by the State University of New York Council of Chief Student Affairs Officers (CCSAO) and the Office of University Life. These awards honor outstanding student affairs programs that have demonstrated a positive impact on students and their development. Criteria include clarity of program objectives, creativity and excellence of program design, effectiveness of program implementation, evidence of collaboration, outcomes assessment establishing the effectiveness of the program.

2014-2015 Accomplishments (as of 1.27.15)

  • Contract with Partnerships for a Healthier America – Healthy Campus Initiative
    1. Completion of at least 7 guidelines by April 2015
    2. Pipe Dream article on PHA initiative
  • Implementation of NCHA survey (3.1 – 3.4.15)
  • Creation of new sub-committees – Nutrition & Academic Connections
  • Beginning stages of introduction of B-Healthy logo into residential dining facilities
  • Hired student assistant to help with B-Healthy marketing needs
  • Selected as one of ten Faculty-Student Scholarship Sites for 2015-2016
  • Collaborating with Res. Life on updating RA programming guidelines/protocols
  • Presented "Coordinate, Collaborate, Evaluate" to RA staff
  • Participated in Stress Management Fair (UCC & Res Life event)
  • ITURP collected survey data from students on smoking/tobacco use behaviors
  • Collaborating with New Student Programs for Freshman Orientation & parent interactions
  • Collaborating with HWS 495 Interns to revamp walking trails
  • Collaborating with DSON/ITURP on possible on-campus smoking cessation clinic

One of six college campuses to be HEARTSafe certified

In 2014 Binghamton University (Harpur's Ferry Student Volunteer Ambulance Service) was named a HEARTSafe CAMPUS by the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF). The HEARTSafe CAMPUS designation was developed to encourage and promote community awareness of the potential for saving lives with effective CPR and early defibrillation. NCEMSF, with support from the HEARTSafe COMMUNITIES, the American Heart Association, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, developed the award program for colleges and universities with a specific focus on the awareness, training and safety of cardiac arrest emergencies.

HEARTSafe Campuses promote and support:

  • Rapid Response by CPR and AEDTrained First Responders
  • Rapid Public Access to Defibrillation
  • Early Access to Advanced Care
  • Public CPR and AED Training for the Community
  • Engagement in Preventative Cardiovascular Healthcare Activities



Last Updated: 11/18/16