Become part of the initiative

Improving the health and wellness of our campus community and creating an environment that supports individuals and groups in pursuit of their optimal potential is a challenging endeavor. It won't happen overnight and has no specific path. But, each and every one of us can play a role in helping Binghamton University become a place that encourages healthy behaviors and promotes respect for others and the environment. Our goal is to become the healthiest campus.

Become an agent

The Healthy Campus Initiative is currently recruiting faculty and staff to become Healthy Campus Agents. Agents voluntarily support the Healthy Campus mission by promoting and encouraging peers, co-workers and friends to participate in campus-sponsored health and wellness programs. Healthy Campus agents work to enhance the culture of Binghamton University and improve overall campus health.

Duties include

  • Publicizing campus health and wellness activities
  • Influencing a culture of health within your area
    Being a positive role model 
  • Helping to identify new ideas for enhancing the campus environment

Benefits include

  • Being the first to know about upcoming events
  • Getting access to health and wellness resources
  • Wellness freebies, chances for gift certificates and other giveaways

Our goal is to have an agent in every area to help us achieve the goal of becoming the healthiest campus. Interested? Check out the full details, then fill out the application and submit by mail or e-mail.

How can you contribute to our success?

Consider participating in one or more of these ways:

  • Demonstrate your own commitment to the initiative and your personal well-being by participating in health and wellness programs and events
  • Consider becoming a Healthy Campus Agent
  • Become part of a sub-committee or work group
  • Suggest areas/topics to be considered for a special sub-committee or work group
  • Let us know about healthy events taking place on campus and consider utilizing the B-Healthy: Choose Well, Be Well logo on your marketing materials (see Brand Guidelines)
  • Share your health/wellness success stories with us
  • Submit your questions/comments/feedback to us

Last Updated: 3/27/14