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Dr. Amber Doiron

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Newly advanced laboratories are being built for Biomedical research.   | More

Faculty Research

Featured Biomedical Lab is developing new strategies and technologies for early detection and tx of disease. | More

Binghamton Research Magazine Winter 2014

inside Watson Review

Bioengineering students and faculty are featured in Watson Review covering research awards, student inventions, and student community service. | More

Meet Us Faculty+Staff

Learn more about the BME team. | More


Best Job In America

Biomedical Engineer ranked No.1 job in America by CNN Money. | More

Now Hiring: Faculty

Associate Professor and Assistant Professor for Biomedical Engineering.

Watson video

Watson Video

The Watson School prepares students to embrace new challenges and create the future. Watch to hear what our students think, in their own words. | YouTube

Now Hiring: Faculty

Assoc Professor/Professor for Biomedical Engineering. | More

Assistant Professor for Biomedical Engineering. | More


What's bioengineering all about?

Recent advances in the fields of biology, mathematics and physics have resulted in the development of a new field of engineering, commonly referred to as bioengineering. It encompasses the areas of biological, physiological, medical and social systems, as well as other fields in which the design, development or modification of complex, knowledge-intensive systems is a requirement.

Bioengineering, like other fields of engineering, educates individuals in the art of product and process development for the improvement of human health and quality of life. It is a unique science-based engineering discipline that not only draws on the sciences but engineering sciences and the liberal arts as well, so as to educate a well-rounded student.

Our students delve into exciting topics — such as biodevices, biomechanics and bioinformatics — while developing vital analytical and creative thinking skills and a strong ethical foundation preparing them to tackle a variety of healthcare issues.

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