Bioengineering Cluster Computing Facilities

Three computer systems within the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) are either dedicated to, or extensively utilized for, biological/biomedical research. These include:

  • BioCluster Computer facility: a 20-node Apple XR Gserve cluster dedicated to bioinformatics research
  • Biodynamics Cluster facility: a 50-node Sun cluster dedicated to finite element modeling of tissue deformation and fluid flows in physiologic systems
  • Linux Technology Center: a national center of expertise in Linux, open source and open standards, supporting promoting research, development and commercialization. The center supports an IBM Z900 Model 108 with 5 Terabytes of storage; 9 Power5 systems; and a 48 node Linus xCluster.

Bioengineering Cluster Computing Facilities Faculty

Last Updated: 1/15/14