Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center (CSERC)

The Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center (CSERC), located in the Innovative Technologies Complex at Binghamton University, exists as a resource for any Binghamton University faculty member interested in undertaking clinical studies. The center functions as a facility that acquires and supports the infrastructure necessary to undertake a wide variety of clinical research studies which individual investigators could not otherwise afford. By pooling the resources of the center's investigators, major equipment purchases may be justified and made jointly available for preliminary studies, thereby creating a leveraging effect for sustained research funding.

The primary goals of the center are: to increase the level and sophistication of the University's clinical studies in order to establish its reputation as a significant source of healthcare research; to provide an environment in which students can learn how to effectively and ethically design and execute clinical trials; to enhance the University's community outreach activities by focusing on healthcare issues of community interest; and, to provide a venue in which to test new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies developed at the University, thereby promoting regional economic development.

A primary research focus of the current faculty associated with the center is chronic health issues, with on-going studies involving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and conditions. A number of these studies are focused on conditions associated with aging (renal failure, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and heart failure), while others address conditions affecting people of all ages - diabetes, obesity and smoking. Facilities permit investigations at the molecular, tissue, organ, organism and systems levels. Highly specialized equipment available through the CSERC provides capability for: cluster computing, surface enhanced laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry, bone densitometry, muscle dynamometry, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, air plethysmoghraphy, nerve conduction monitoring and cell/tissue preparation. In addition, two clinical research specialists are available to support all aspects of clinic investigations including purchasing, scheduling, data collection and data analysis.

Over the past year, 17 collaborative clinical studies were initiated in the CSERC. In addition, Binghamton University, through the center's directors, has become an active member in the New York State Consortium for Healthcare Research and Quality (NYCHRQ). The center is also a founding sponsor of the annual Binghamton Biomedical Research Conference.

The CSERC is a resource available to Binghamton University faculty and to physicians throughout the Southern Tier who have an interest in teaming with Binghamton University faculty to pursue clinical research and development. The center's goal is to establish active research programs with physicians at UHS, Lourdes, Bassett and Guthrie hospitals, as well as many of the private community practitioners in the region, to advance healthcare both in the region and throughout the country.

Funding for the establishment of the CSERC has been provided by Binghamton University and the New York State Office of Technology and Academic Research.

CSERC Faculty and Staff

Last Updated: 1/15/14