Computer Recommendations for Bioengineering Majors

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We strongly encourage our students to purchase a laptop computer, and make a point of carrying it with them whenever on campus. The entire campus has wireless Internet access and all assignments, grades, readings, etc. are posted on the University's Blackboard website. Having a laptop will make your undergraduate experience easier and more productive. In addition, much of the coursework presented in bioengineering includes an interactive component that you can easily participate in if you have a laptop available. Finally, given the mobility of today's students, every engineering major should consider carrying his or her laptop essentially all the time to stay connected and be able to work effectively anytime, anywhere.

An educational discount may be available when you purchase a computer as a Binghamton University student, though you can commonly obtain a laptop at an equivalent price online. One feature common to most computers purchased through Binghamton University is an extended warranty. See the Binghamton University Information Technology Services hardware page. If you are not familiar with computers, contact the University's Information Technology Services HelpDesk and ask for advice in choosing a computer that's right for you.

Extreme computation performance will not be required to run any of the software used in your classes. Recommended specifications include:


Windows-based laptop PC or Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro, with:

  • 512 MB or greater memory
  • 20 GB or greater hard drive capacity
  • DVD/CD-ROM drive
  • built-in wireless networking capability (or wireless network card)

Operating system

Windows XP or Vista, or MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) or above


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) or equivalent

The primary software packages we will be using in bioengineering include:

  • Mathematica (sophomore, junior and senior years)
  • SPlus (junior and senior years)
  • XWindows or equivalent (senior year)

These software packages will be provided to you free as a Binghamton University student under either a University site license agreement or through the software vendors.

Last Updated: 1/15/14