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Maria Bradfield (MS '03)
The EEB graduate students were some of the most supportive people I have ever known. I really loved the way everyone tried to help each other.

Dr. John C. Maerz, (PhD '00)
Many factors influenced my decision to go to Binghamton, not the least of which were practical. The program had reputable faculty, the school was affordable, and support was available to most students. I could never have imagined how much Binghamton's program would foster my development as a scientist, teacher, and scholar. At larger institutions, students tend to step into a larger, established research program, and they interact with a highly specialized group. At Binghamton, I was entrusted to develop my own research project that could lie outside the research program of my advisors, and I had to draw support from a smaller faculty group with a diversity of interests and expertise. This experience trained me to consider and incorporate the perspectives of a broader scientific community in my work. In addition to traditional courses and seminars, the program at Binghamton provided a great deal of professional development including courses and experiences writing grant proposals, publishing, teaching, and developing a professional portfolio. As I progressed at Binghamton, I found I was treated more like a peer than a student. I found many opportunities to collaborate with other students and faculty, which were the richest experiences of my graduate career. Now that I am responsible for funding and directing a large research program, and contributing to the development of graduate student research, I realized the full benefit of my experiences at Binghamton.

Dr. Beren Robinson, (PhD '94)
I came to do a PhD in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Binghamton because of the people. The department provided a close-knit group of grad students and faculty who made up for their small size (by some standards) by being very supportive. Small can be good when the faculty and grads perform internationally recognized research in various fields - which they do at Binghamton! I was exposed to high quality research, lots of critical thinking, and good faculty support. Faculty had the time to take interest in their grad students. Their support extended beyond educating students on how to do research, to also include experience in teaching, grant and report writing, and in giving research talks. The department supports graduate education with an active seminar series that hosts outside speakers, and opportunities for students to give presentations inside and outside the department. Graduate students also have the opportunity to serve on some committees, providing experience at running an academic department. I left Binghamton with a well-rounded graduate education that has contributed significantly to the successes of my academic career, and has prepared me for my duties as a new faculty - which was the reason why I pursued this career in the first place!

Dr. William L. Romey, (PhD '93)
I had an outstanding experience at the graduate program in behavior and ecology at SUNY Binghamton. Despite the fact that the faculty members are nationally renowned in their fields, with high rates of professional productivity and grants, they were approachable and worked well as a group. I felt like there was a collective interest in helping me succeed in developing and carrying out valuable research. The faculty worked better together at Binghamton than I have seen in many other locations. Perhaps it is because Binghamton has not gotten too big yet, although its reputation for excellence is well known. The behavior and ecology group is especially strong at Binghamton. The departmental seminar series brought in leaders in their field from around the world. My time at Binghamton was very valuable and prepared me well for a career in research and teaching.

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Last Updated: 2/23/15