About the Department

The Department of Biological Sciences offers BA, BS, a research MS, a non theses MA, and the PhD. There are 28 full-time faculty members and 65 graduate students. In addition to formal courses, intellectual life in the department includes a weekly seminar series that brings outside speakers on all aspects of biology, and numerous informal discussion groups initiated by students or faculty on specific topics of interest. Each spring, the department hosts an annual two-day research symposium where faculty and graduate students from Binghamton and other nearby institutions present their research findings.

Interdisciplinary interests of both faculty and graduate students extend the intellectual life beyond the boundaries of the department. Many members of other departments on campus are interested in biological issues ranging from protein synthesis to environmental policy to the evolution of human behavior. An advantage of Binghamton's size is that it is easy to meet members of other departments and collaborate across disciplines.

Social life in the department is relaxed and congenial. An active graduate student organization sponsors a weekly TGIF, called QED, immediately after the departmental seminar. Faculty members host annual events involving hikes, cross-country skiing, volleyball, and the not-to-be-missed Darwin's birthday party. As a whole, the department is quite athletic, with many avid runners, bikers, skiers, swimmers, climbers, and soccer players among our faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Last Updated: 7/1/15