Department of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Director's Message:

Dr. Carol Miles

The Department of Biological Sciences at Binghamton University offers a course of study leading to the BA and BS degrees in the biological sciences. Faculty have identified four major learning outcomes for the undergraduate biology major:

  • ability to carry out scientific investigation
  • understanding and critical evaluation of biological information
  • communication through traditional and electronic media
  • application of biological training to careers
These learning outcomes are achieved through a set of core courses in cell biology, molecular genetics, ecology and evolution as well as fundamental courses in other core disciplines of biology. Laboratory courses enriched with educational grant support engage students in investigative research utilizing modern techniques such as flow cytometry and mass spectrometry, thus also preparing students for graduate programs in biological disciplines or for employment. Our 182-acre Nature Preserve and natural areas provide rich and varied environments for field study, supplemented by courses that take students to less familiar areas, such as the tropical forests of Costa Rica.

Undergraduate research and internships provide students with further opportunities for experiential learning, while literature-intensive courses and seminars engage students in reading, presentation and discussion of the primary literature.

Last Updated: 7/2/15