Declaring the Major

Students who have completed 12 credits earned while in college, where at least 8 credits are in Statistics, Calculus, Introductory Biology, Chemistry or Physics are eligible to declare the major. (Exceptions for students with NY State STEM funding)

To do so, a student would see a Biology faculty advisor. The advising schedule for the semester is posted.

Before visiting an advisor, students are requested to run their DARS using the What If feature.

Select Harpur College, then for a

  • BA in Biology, select BA Biology if you want time to be taking other courses in the social sciences or humanities
  • BS in Biology, select either "BS Cell Molecular Biology" or "BS Ecology Evolution Behavior" according to the concentration you are interested in pursuing. You can select according to which part of Introductory Biology you preferred: Ecology, Evolution, Behavior if you preferred Biology 117 and Cell Molecular if you preferred Biology 118.

If undecided, you can run as many versions as you want. Do bring the print-out to your advising session.

Schedule of Offerings

The following schedule shows the semester and the faculty member who will be teaching the course. Because of unforeseen changes, the schedule is subject to change. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.

Schedule of Offerings (.pdf, 40kb)

Courses that Satisfy Requirements for the Major

Courses that satisfy the upper-level Biology laboratory requirement for the B.A. and the B.S. in Biology are indicated on the following chart. Do not confuse this with the General Education “L” requirement.

The chart also indicates which courses fulfill upper level Biology requirements for the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) and Ecology, Evolution, Behavior (EEB) concentrations for the B.S. Biology majors.

Course that Satisfy Major Requirements (.pdf, 12kb)

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students should pay attention to prerequisites and corequisites. These are being checked for some courses during the early registration period. Students who have not fulfilled them, and who do not show any other evidence of having completed the courses, can be deregistered.

What do the terms mean?
If for course BIOL 3XX, the bulletin says

Prerequisite : BIOL 117 AND BIOL 118
students must have completed BIOL 117 and BIOL 118 or equivalents before taking BIOL XXX

If for course BIOL 3YY, the bulletin says
Prerequisite or corequisite: BIOL 3XX
This means that the student must have completed or must be concurrently registered in BIOL 3XX before taking BIOL 3YY.

Prerequisites and corequisites are identified in the Bulletin and on this table (.pdf, 58kb)

Last Updated: 7/1/15