Some Resources for Transfer Students:

Community College Equivalents

For prospective students currently enrolled in community college:

Requirements for various majors offered by the Dept. of Biological Sciences at the State University of New York at Binghamton are as follows:

B.A. in Biology (.pdf, 11.3kb)
B.S. in Biology with concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology (.pdf, 13.4kb)
B.S. in Biology with concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (.pdf, 84.5kb)

Regardless of which major is selected, preparation for the first two years is the same. Students are strongly encouraged to work toward completing the following courses:

  • One year of introductory biology with labs
  • One year of introductory chemistry with labs
  • One year of organic chemistry with labs
  • One course in statistics at the college level

Two (or three courses) in other Mathematics or Physical Science courses (Most students use the Biology degree as a stepping-stone to postgraduate programs that will require courses such as Physics and Calculus.)

Prospective transfer students who prefer to start their freshman year with one science course are strongly advised to start with introductory chemistry because there are many biology courses that require up to organic chemistry as co- or pre-requisite. Students are advised to wait till they get to Binghamton to take Biology courses beyond the introductory level.

Clicking on the community college name will link to a page that shows which courses at the community college are equivalent to courses at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Bernard M Baruch College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Borough of Manhattan Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Broome Community College (.pdf, 5.7kb)

Columbia-Greene Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Corning Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Dutchess Community College (.pdf, 5.5kb)

Fulton-Montgomery Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Genesee Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Jamestown Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Jefferson Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Kingsborough Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Mohawk Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Monroe Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Nassau Community College (.pdf, 5.7kb)

Onondaga Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Orange County Community College (.pdf, 5.5kb)

Queensborough Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Rockland Community College (.pdf, 5.5kb)

Suffolk County Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Tompkins Cortland Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Westchester Community College (.pdf, 5.6kb)

Last Updated: 6/14/16