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To our alumni:

This alumni corner is set up so that current undergraduate students at Binghamton can find out more about varied careers and paths toward those careers that you have taken. If you are willing to share your experience, please contact


PETER DIAZ (Ph.D. Biology 1991) - started out being in charge of Environmental Health and Safety for the Sandoz pharmaceutical company's manufacturing facility in Spain. Sandoz merged with Ciba Geigy to become Novartis, and Peter Diaz now manages several aspects of their over-the-counter drug production worldwide.

Peter Diaz, who obtained his Ph.D. at Anna Tan Wilson's laboratory, is currently living in Switzerland at Lake Geneva with his wife and 2 children. In his position (Global Head of Manufacturing Coordination, HSE, BC, NEM of Novartis OTC), he leads factory network coordination, driving performance management, asset optimization, capacity planning, business continuity planning and emergency management, and ensuring compliance with Novartis and external agencies in HSE (health, safety, environment) standards. He fondly remembers his years at SUNY Binghamton and Anna's guidance, partly - but not solely - as the education there opened up the doors to him in his professional life. SUNY not only offered him a sound basic education, but within his research (cross-functional in Peter's case, as he was able to put together various fields and techniques, ranging from electron microscopy, cell biology, enzymology, biochemistry amongst others) and challenging courses added to the way he looked at things afterwards.

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