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TERA ANNE DOTY (B.A. - Biology 1999) - Technology Specialist with the Center for Learning and Teaching at Binghamton University

After completing my B.A. in Biology, I continued on to graduate school at Binghamton University with the intention of earning an M.A.T (Masters of Art in Teaching) to teach biology in the high school setting. At the end of my second semester as a graduate student, I was approached by Dr VanBuskirk and Dr Tan-Wilson to T.A. their new Biology Multimedia Development course.
I had some experience with multimedia, having done a simple website as an independent study in Cell Biology. Yet, I would be expected to help instruct students in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Director, two programs which I had never seen before, along with providing guidance to the students while they were researching their projects through traditional journal article and online searches. Over the semester break, I unpacked and put together the five computers, a scanner, and a printer, which would make up the multimedia room for the class, and installed all the necessary software. I then gave myself a crash course in what I would need teach in a few weeks.

In the Biology Multimedia Development course, students were given human biology related questions and were asked to research the answers down to the molecular/microscopic level. Using the resulting information, the students then created instructional animations. I compiled these animations into the Biology Multimedia Development website.

Though the Biology Multimedia Development course ended after two semesters, I had a gained a thorough understanding of several multimedia programs, including html editors. Which led me to move on to website design and I was asked by several different companies to develop websites for them. It was then that I realized that I was drifting away from high school education as a career and toward one involving computers and multimedia.

Now, thanks to my involvement in that one course, I am a Technology Specialist with the Center for Learning and Teaching at Binghamton University where I specialize in web and multimedia development. I also give one on one and small group instruction in the use of web and multimedia software and equipment. I am the designer and webmaster of several university and private websites, including the CLT website. Most recently, I have been a part of the Binghamton University PT3 program (Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology) as their Technology Consultant. I also recently completed the redesign of the Biology Department and Undergraduate Curriculum Guide to the Biological Sciences.

While I have not pursued a career in the biological sciences, it was my experiences while a part of the Binghamton University Biology Department, along with the guidance of Dr. Tan-Wilson, that I was able to find my niche and a career which I find very challenging and enjoy very much.

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