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DR. KARA GROSS (BA Biology 1997)

Pediatrics Resident, Albert Einstein College of Medicine;
Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kara Gross, currently in her last year of a clinically-based pediatrics residency at Albert Einstein, will soon be beginning a fellowship program at Harvard Medical School. In addition to being able to building long- term relationships with her patients, Dr. Gross developed an interest in the procedural aspects and the pathophysiology of the diseases during medical school rotations. Thus, as a Fellow in the program at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gross will spend one year in clinical work and a second year in basic research in pediatric gastroenterology.

Dr. Gross attended medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo after being accepted through their early assurance program, which she recommends to freshmen and sophomores interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Dr. Gross also advises students to consider participating in the Research Scholars Program, which provided valuable experience in research, as well as in writing proposals, and may help to determine whether students might be interested in the research aspect of medicine. She herself did research in animal behavior with Dr. Dale Madison. Additionally, Dr. Gross was undergraduate teaching assistant for a chemistry lab and did a clinically-based research project for credit at a Binghamton hospital, both of which were strong resume boosters and clarified her interest in science and in medicine. Although Dr. Gross notes the commitment of time and energy required of prospective doctors, and the sacrifices associated with such commitment, she stresses that she loves the field and would do the same if given the chance to do it again.

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