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We received the following e-mail message from LINDA WONG, B.S. Biology , 2001

My name is Linda Wong wanted to share my experience after receiving my BS in Biology in 2001 with future students after reading the Alumni corner on the biology webpage.

I was always interested in the sciences, I loved biology and chemistry. In high school, we had to pick a subject to major in and I chose Chemistry. When I was a freshman in Binghamton, I decided to go for Biology. Most of my fellow bio majors at the time were aiming for med school which in turn gave me something to aspire to. During my junior year, I took an immunology class taught by Dr. Dennis McGee. I loved the class, at the end of the semeste I asked Dr. McGee if he would be willing to accept me as one of his students for the independent study course during my senior year. I have him to thank because he gave me that chance of working in a research lab and the opportunity of learning new lab techniques and working with Ph D. candidates who were so patient in explaining everything to me. From this senoir year experience, I developed an interest in research.

When I graduated in 2001 I was so sad to leave the Science 3 building but at the same time I was excited to start my job as a RESEARCH TECHNICIAN at Weill Cornell Medical Collge also known as New York Presbyterian Hospital. During my time there, I worked with Dr. Arleen Rifkind in the Pharmacology department. Research at the pharmacology lab made me think of pharmacy school. I figured since I was already studying the mechanisms behind the drug, why not study different classes of drugs what disease states they can treat. In the spring of 2003 after 2 great years at Cornell, I was accepted to the Long Island University Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy.

I am happy to say that the work that I and my fellow researchers contributed to at Dr. Rifkind's lab is now under publication. As for pharmacy school, I have 2 more years before I receive my Doctorate of Pharmacy.

My journey as a biology major at Binghamton has lead me to my current career choice, a pharmacist. I have Dr. McGee and the rest of the faculty at the biology department to thank for this.


Linda Wong

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