Honors & Awards

For Biology and Biochemistry majors:

Distinguished Independent Work in Biology &
Distinguished Independent Work in Biochemistry

This award is open to all students who have a G.P.A. of 3.3 in Biology courses and G.P.A. of 3.0 overall. To qualify for this award, students must work in research (Biology 497 and 498) for at least one year, and have enough research results to write an Honors thesis. In addition, the student presents his/her work orally to a committee of three faculty members and friends. The thesis is finalized and is bound for inclusion in the university and departmental libraries. Students who complete this work are recognized in the Commencement Program and also in Harpur College ceremonies on graduation weekend. If you are interested, start by discussing this with your research advisor. The first question is whether you have enough results to qualify for an honors thesis. If you got an early start in research, your advisor would know by September for those students looking forward to graduating in May. If you started a little later, your advisor should know by January or early February. If the decision is to go ahead, you will need to ask two other faculty members in the Biology Department to be on your committee. Then there is a simple procedure to follow. Click here for timetable and application form (.pdf, 16kb). Unlike other awards on this webpage, there is no limit to the number of students who can work toward this award and who can receive it

To view a list of Awardees in Distinguished Independent Study from 2005-2011, please click here (.pdf, 11kb)

Awards whose Recipients are Selected by the Biology Department Faculty

James Wilmoth Awards for Excellence in Biology
Two awards are given to graduating seniors with outstanding academic records in biology or biochemistry. [Major criteria are GPA overall, in science and in biology; and special experiences related to biology.]

2011 - Ieva Roznere
2010 - Matthew J. Ballinger
2009 – Tara M. Carney
2008 – James M. Doherty, Jason W. Tam
2007 – Erin Walsh
2006 – Brian Forster, Kristen Scrafford
2005 – Miranda L. Davis, David A. Kiamanesh
2004 – Rebecca S. Heiss, Benjamin L. Yam
2003 – Laura M. Heotis
2002 – Shannon S. Maher
2001 – Jennifer A. Val, Meredith T. Zaccherio
2000 – Shari B. Marchbein, Jessica Wong
1999 – Roberta Elias
1998 – Jeremy Davis
1997 – Yona Keich, Stephanie Lawlis, Lori A. Sheiman
1996 – Dorothy Adler, Curtis Bjurlin
1995 – John J. Imbesi
1994 – Joseph Consigli, Norman C. Simon
1993 – Eric Hanauer, Eric Rogoff, Amy Sass, Jason Wolf
1992 – Karen M. Deters, Sharon Feit, Carolyn S. Mostello
1990 – Robert E. Marra, Leemore M. McNamara, Kristin L. Snow, Adam W. Specht
1989 – Peter Jay, Craig Rosen, Paula Shah
1988 – Carol Prevosto, Stephanie J. Schwartz
1987 – Nancy A. Krmenec, Alan Schwartz
1986 – David M. Kent, Patricia K. Petewec
1985 – Scott Organ, Robert C. Wollman
1984 – Kenneth R. Bonfield, David S. Ellman
1983 – Barbara Blumrich
1982 – Noah Friedman, Lynn Fleshel
1981 – Andrew M. Becker, Teresa K. Dewey
1980 – Michele A. Bogaards, Seth Kupferman
1979 – Karen Black

James D. Grierson Award for Excellence in Botany
Established in memory of Professor Grierson, who devoted his teaching career to inspiring botany students. This award is given to a graduating senior majoring in biology who has demonstrated excellence in and enthusiasm for the botanical sciences.

2009 – Adam P. Hill
2008 – James M. Doherty
2006 – Kara Lopata, Sarah Medve
2001 – Kishan J. Zuber
2003 – Laura M. Heotis
2000 – Andrea L. Eveland
1997 – Kimberly A. Yee
1995 – Cynthia Bruning
1994 – Amir Zalcensztein

Alex and Betty Shrift Award for Excellence in Scientific Writing
Established in memory of Professor Shrift, who taught at Binghamton University from 1966 until his death in 1992. Presented to a senior student who has demonstrated excellence in scientific writing.

2010 - Sarah E. Fecht
2008 – Tracy Vence
2006 – Matthew M. Gervais
2002 – Darah R. Wright
2001 – Eric J. Feldman
2000 – David Y. Kim
1999 – Christian Goess
1997 – Yona Keich
1996 – David La Rosa
1995 – Scott M. Robert
1994 – Michael D. Shapiro
1993 – David Rossman

Dr. Joseph J. Eron '80 Undergraduate Research Grant

2010 - John Finnigan
2009 - Dawn Lammert
2003 – Megan Campion
2002 – Jennifer Mieleszko
2001 – Michelle Circe
2000 – Linda Wong

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