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Program Title:
Children's Unit for Learning Disabilities

The Unit serves children who may be having difficulty in school with one or more academic skills, may have poor attention skills, behavior problems in school, and/or are poorly motivated, and who are demonstrating performance at a level not comparable with their classroom peers.

Programs Offered:
Services provided include:
  • Intensive one-to-one and small group instruction focusing on:
    • Attention skills
    • Self-control and perseverance
    • Academic remediation in the area of reading skills
    • Improving classroom deportment
    • Developing positive attitudes toward academic work in general

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Director of the Institute for Child Development: Raymond G. Romanczyk
Tel: 607-777-2829

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Fax: 607-777-6981

Binghamton University
Institute for Child Development
PO Box 6000
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