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Electronics packaging assembly and interconnection symposia

The Watson School Office of Engineering Professional Development periodically organizes symposia, research conferences and workshops designed to promote the dissemination of emerging technologies in the area of small scale electronics packaging technologies. Symposia focus upon emerging technologies, small scale packaging applications, thermal management, lead free applications, Nano level packaging, Flip Chip, BGA and novel materials. Workshops address testing and analysis methodologies for small scale packaging applications including finite element modeling, surface analytical techniques, semi conductor fabrication, thermal management, non-destructive testing, scanning probe microscopy, and much more.

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The symposia include:
  • Workshops
  • Forum discussion

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Director: Cheryl Monachino
Tel: 607-777-4532
Fax: 607-777-4411

Assistant to Director: Ellen Brennan
Tel: 607-777-2154

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