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Program Title:
Summer Youth Musical Theatre Workshop

The Summer Youth Musical Theatre Workshop at Binghamton University is a three-week program for youth who wish to participate in a real musical production while learning new skills and developing experience.

The program culminates with four annual performances for the community.

Programs Offered:
Students must be between the ages of 1218 to participate, have some on-stage experience and have sufficient vocal skills to carry a lead or chorus role.

All students must complete an audition. Audition Requirements:

- One musical theatre piece.

- Memorize a monologue from one of the choices on our website

Program highlights:
  • Individual and group voice instruction from teachers committed to healthy vocal techniques.

  • Acting and improvisation classes that focus on the proper development of young artists.

  • Movement classes to enhance presence and stage savvy.

  • Learning through the process of mounting a major musical in an intense and fun environment.

  • Opportunity to learn from professional actors and singers on the craft of theatre.

  • Enhancing your understanding of the technical aspects of theatre including make-up, production, lighting, costumes, and sets.

  • Performing in the Watters Theatre at Binghamton University.

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Program Manager: Debbie O'Brien
Tel: 607-761-8815
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