State budget and funding sources

State Operating Budget – funded from State Support and campus generated revenue from tuition, fees, etc. for the ongoing operations of the University. Called Revenue Offset Fund by SUNY System Administration.

General IFR Budget – Income Fund Reimbursable – special revenue fund supported fully or primarily by campus generated income.

DIFR – Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable – special revenue fund which includes operating costs for the Residence Halls and related areas funded from room rental fees and charges.

DIFR – IFR – Dormitory Sponsored fund which includes revenue from room damage accounts, etc.

SUTRA – State University Tuition Reimbursement Account – special revenue fund dedicated to campus operations and funded from tuition revenue collected from summer session, contract courses, overseas academic programs and excess tuition revenue from the core instructional budget if applicable.

Stabilization – supported by unspent prior year direct State tax support, if any.

Last Updated: 3/9/16