Living in the Greater Binghamton Area

The area is made up of four main townships: Binghamton, Vestal (where Binghamton University is actually located), Johnson City and Endicott.
Many students live in Binghamton. Most parts of Binghamton are convenient by bus to Binghamton University. Westside Binghamton in particular is quite convenient. There are parts of Westside Binghamton which are very nice, such as the area around Recreation Park. It is mostly single or double family homes, with apartments scattered throughout.
If you want to live on the west side, stick with the area between Main St. and Riverside Drive. If you venture to the north side of Main St. you are more likely to come across areas with higher crime (mostly drug-related). See the Binghamton crime map.
Vestal is the town that surrounds the university and is the most costly part of the area, with many neighborhoods tucked into the woods in a very beautiful, natural setting. There are some apartment complexes in the area that are good for families.  Vestal also has many large shopping plazas.  Most of Vestal does not have sidewalks, which can be problematic if you like to walk around with a stroller. But if you like to hike trails, Vestal is full of them.
Endicott is a bit further from campus, but still within a 15-minute drive and still convenient to important destinations in the area. It has its own "downtown" on Washington Ave., which is in the process of revival. Parts of Endicott that allow for low-income families to live in family friendly neighborhoods. Low-cost municipal electric subsidizes electricity costs, so most rentals are heated electrically, and heating bills are relatively low in the winter.
Johnson City

Johnson City is convienient to many destinations such as the Oakdale Mall and downtown Binghamton and has many bus routes.  The IOST mosque located on Grand Avenue is convenient for Muslim families.


No matter where you move, check the city crime statistics to make sure you are not moving into the middle of something unpleasant or unsafe. Ask your potential landlord about the safety of the neighborhood and be clear about what your expectations are for safety.

Last Updated: 9/21/16