Campus Pre-School

Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Lori Asquith
  • Neil MacLaren
  • Scott Geiger
  • Jenna Rosenberg
  • Katelynn Hrywnak
  • Amy Bennett
  • Jie Yin
  • Laura Biasillo

The board consists of seven to nine voting directors and is responsible for developing policies, establishing priorities, allocating resources, monitoring finances, and supervising and evaluating the executive director. 

Each board member is expected to serve on two board committees: personnel, fundraising, appeals, finance, and board development. You do not need to be a board member to serve on these committees; if you would like to be considered to serve on a committee please send an email to the board:

Officers of the Board of Directors (Executive Committee)

  • Lori Asquith, President - Presides and prepares agendas for the board of directors meetings and executive committee meetings and serves as chief executive officer of the corporation.
  • Neil MacLaren, Vice President - Serves as acting president in the event that the president cannot fulfill responsibilities.
  • Jenna Rosenberg, Secretary - Records, distributes and maintains the board's meeting minutes.
  • Scott Geiger, Treasurer - Oversees and monitors Campus Preschool's funds, and advises the board on financial matters.

Board of Directors Application for Nomination

The Board fulfills the important role of guiding the organization.  If you are interested in joining the Campus Preschool Board of Directors, please consider reviewing the Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members and the Board Service Commitment Pledge for a sense of what the position entails.

If you would like to serve on the Board of Directors, please email the board a completed application and resume/CV to:

We consider applications on a rolling basis to fill board vacancies as needed, please email with questions about current vacancies.

Board of Directors Meeting Dates

The Campus Pre-School Board of Directors usually meets monthly at 5 p.m. 

Last Updated: 4/25/17